It's snowing outside so how about a little reveal??

Scarf Addict

Sieze The Day!
Oct 17, 2008
United Kingdom
Yes MiaT it's the Dancing Pearls - I would really appreciate it if someone can tell me the exact colour way as there was no bar code tag left in the scarf which usually tells you the French names it's CW 01 on the receipt - it was a bit of a lucky find being a) AW08(?) - I took the advice from the recent plisse post and went for one with a contrasting colour for the edge and this is TDF - plus b) the first shop I went into which had the scarf gave me what I call the "Pretty Woman" treatment so I turned on my heel and left for another boutique..the next day luckily another one had the Dancing Pearls in this colourway too - phew! Why do some stores have to be so snooty? It takes the joy out of buying yourself something so delightful and who are they to judge anyone? So here she is in all her glory - oh and looking like a fish - and then I tried it Cowboy style and I think it shows off the contrast well.



Apr 10, 2008
So pretty! Do you ever tie these on a bag for a splash of colour and if so how do you make them stay on? My plisses seem to have a life of their own, unravelling the knot I make and leaping off my bags...I"ve lost two like that, what do you do with them? Do tell