Its Snowing!! In April???!!arghhhh!!!

  1. Ok-like 2 days ago we had beautiful 70 degree weather...Today I wake up...right now...its SNOWING..not a little...ALOT! what the heck??????!!!!!
    I HATE COLD about you guys?What is weather like by you?
  2. It was nice until today where it's cooooold.
  3. Cold in Holland, had some hail this morning and there's a bitterly cold wind. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.
  4. I know what you mean about the weather! I'm in the US - east coast. This morning, I woke up and it was bright and sunny! 10 minutes later - dark and pouring rain with high winds. Now, bright and sunny again but COLD! Where is Spring?!?!?

    Anyway, the weather here is just another reason we're moving out west. It's crazy! I know that southern California weather can be crazy too sometimes - but it's much better than this crap!
  5. It snowed i Michigan too! And its freezing today! I thought it was supposed to be Spring! AHHHHHH!
  6. Hee Hee Did you see that Jill! It looked like a freaking blizzard for a few minutes! Suns coming out now though!
  7. Still snowing up in Canada as well.. not too surprising though !
  8. i can't believe my eyes. i just walked outside no too long ago and was comfortable outside in just a shirt and jeans. now i look out the window and there is snow:amazed: :sad: . snow in spring? is it snowing by you ladies and gentlemen?
  9. doulosforhim: are you in the ne? it just started snowing outside my window.
  10. i am in central new jersey. funny thing though. is not cold outside either.
  11. therefore, it will not stick. yeah!!
  12. I'm in NYC. I hope it doesn't come up here.
  13. weirdest thing. it is slowing down now. oh, wait......i think i see the sun out again. yes it is the sun trying to shine thru. yeah!!!!!!!!
  14. thank goodness the sun is out again. but was not that the weirdest thing?
  15. It's still snowing really hard in North Jersey, I'm in South Orange and you can barely see out the window!:sad2: