It's snowing again... no Stanwich today. :(

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  1. I live in an area where the weather is very unpredictable. It can be 70 degrees then drop to 30 in the same day. I've been anxious waiting to carry my new Stanwich but the weather won't cooperate. I finally broke down and ordered Apple spray today. Who else is dealing with yucky weather blues?
  2. Oh you're telling me! I feel your frustration. I got my Stanwich satchels in December and January and it was quite awhile before I got to use them. It was frustrating because they were my first florentine bags. Plus I was dealing with the "I'm afraid to carry them for fear of ruining them" which I have gotten over, but not quite yet on the red one :smile:. I did spray them with Apple Guard right away. Then I used apple conditioner on the brown and natural one to further protect them. Since the weather here can be unpredictable as well I always carry a little wristlet/pouchette with a plastic bag in it in case of emergency. I call it my florentine rain poncho. You might have seen this on another thread :smile: The weather is definitely starting to improve, but we have one more little snow hurdle to get over tonight. (Sigh) It will get here, it will get here....
  3. It was 55 here yesterday, and now it is snowing again. My toledo satchel is supposed to be delivered tomorrow, but I doubt that will happen
  4. Haha, Twoboyz, I bought a plastic poncho from the dollar store last night thinking of you - when you flashed your emergency bag raincoat. lol. I keep it in my Flo bag now just in case. I bought a whole adult poncho but I'm sure I can wrap it around my bag in dire emergency. And it packs pretty small. Who cares if I get wet - not my Flo bags, dammit. Lol.

  5. Oh, thanks for thinking if me... I'm glad I could help. You and your Flo's will be covered for sure now. It helps put your mind at ease a little bit...a lotta bit doesn't it? Me and my Flo's don't leave home without it :smile:
  6. I'm definitely going to start carrying a plastic baggie for my Flo. TB, I see you're from Chicago. I'm from Missouri so we both have pretty much the same crazy weather changes.

  7. Thus weather has been so crazy!
  8. Could you take before and after pictures? I have two Stanwich satchels (red and natural) that thus far I have left naked. I'm curious what kind of color change might occur with the spray.

  9. Here's my experience in case you're interested. I did the spray first and didn't notice any color change. Initially I could see it darkened when the spray first went on, but then quickly lightened up when it dried. I did notice a slight darkening with the conditioner, which is like a lotion/cream that I rubbed in. Both were Apple brand products. It also gave my bags a nice richer look, like a slight sheen. I like it because my brown t-Moro was looking kind if dried out and drab. I didn't use the conditioner on the red one because I don't think I want the color to darken so I'm holding off.
  10. Same here. Gettin snow tonight where I am up north. Ughhhhhhhhhh

  11. Yes, I'll try to remember to take before and after pics. I'm a little absentminded sometimes but I'll try! ;) I don't plan on using conditioner unless my bag starts looking dry.