It's shocking that the Jumbo skyrocketed $1000 in just one year.

  1. I was just looking at an old post on classic flaps and just exactly one year ago to a tee, the Jumbo was $1650. Now it will be $2650. I know it's been talked about numerous times on here but it really is truly mind boggling to say the least :wtf:
  2. Yes, that is very crazy! I think it is very hard for me to justify the current price, knowing that if I wanted the bag I could have bought it a year ago and saved $1000!
  3. I bought mine in Feb this year for $1650 before the first price increase. Just 8 months ago... :nuts:
  4. Yea, its hard to swallow. The only one I didnt mind paying the new retail price was for my red jumbo but at least that had the new chain (and that rockin red color).
  5. You are so lucky you found a Red Jumbo! When and where did you get it? I would do ANYTHING to have one!
  6. oh no, I'm really want a Jumbo Beige Lambskin Classic now :sad:
  7. YES!!!! My SA called me at the first of the year before that increase and asked if I wanted to buy a classic. Of course I said no, then 2 months later after the increase I bought a jumbo. If I would have only listened :sad: This time around in prep for the increase I got an e/w in blue fonce so I am more settled about the increase:graucho:
  8. Someone told me that Chanel is going to keep increasing their prices because they want to be more Hermes. Does anyone know if that is really the reason?
  9. unless each chanel is handmade and takes days on days to complete . i am paying prices no where near to hermes
  10. well, no choice too if the mgmt decides to increase the price at least it's not as bad as hermes where it's really quite tough to own one due to price tag and also their workmanship that costs the difference.
  11. Yeah, I just got the Jumbo yesterday, so I paid the new price tag. Of course I would have loved to own it when it was 1k cheaper, but it was my first Chanel purchase and I don't regret it one bit! I hope they don't keep increasing the prices so much because I think I'm getting sucked into Chanel after being an LV lover!
  12. It makes me so sick to think I don't.
  13. I just hope that there is no more increase...
  14. Ohhh nooo. Did you buy your bag at Saks? You can still get them at NM and the Chanel boutique for the old price of $2250. It won't change at NM until next week they told me.
  15. ITA, I'll be doing pre-owned and LV at that point, it's one thing to get what you pay for but these price increases are obviously not due to an increase in quality and are basically fabricated. I can understand 2-6% increases per year but not 40%, that's just too much. When I can buy a Viking refrigerator for my new kitchen for less money than a small classic flap you have to tell yourself something has got to be off......