It's Saks EGC time!!! What's everybody getting?

  1. I'll start with my list:

    1. I will finally get my white 38 mm J12 with diamond markers
    2. Large cotton club tote
    3. And maybe a Must 21 Cartier watch with the black rubber/stainless steel combo watch.
  2. I'm definitely getting my first Chanel! A black GST with gold h/w. So excited! Debating what else I should get so I can get a $300 gc instead of a $150. Hmmm... Any suggestions? Also with the price increase coming, so tempted to get more. . .
  3. Dior boots,Chanel earrings...and possibly a bag...gotta see what they have in this
  4. ok break it down for the chanel newbie....what does EGC stand for and how can i get a hold of it!! because ur lists sound mmm mmm good!
  5. o, i'm going to be very, very bad!!!

    1. 38mm j12 with diamond markers
    2. brown gst
    3. chanel pearls
    4. black metallic reissue
  6. I'm think j12, not sure which size, need to see it on. No diamonds, maybe markers if I decide to be bad.
  7. Not sure yet.. have to go look. Maybe just shoes..... we'll see.
  8. black metallic reissue
    louboutin shoes
  9. Louboutin shoes

    either a

    black/black cambon


    Expandable frame bag
  10. luvednotspoiled, EGC = electronic gift card. If you spend in the store or online (Chanel included, yay), you will get the following amount in gift cards:

    $250 to $499 ----------------------------------> $25

    $500 to $900 ----------------------------------> $50

    $1000 to $1999 --------------------------------> $100

    $2000 to $2999 --------------------------------> $300

    $3000 or more ----------------------------------> $450
  11. jeshika & clucreciala, which Saks are getting the metallic black?? i thought it was confirmed that Saks is not getting the metallic black reissues in any sizes? please share. thanks
  12. i'm getting mine from nancy in st louis. i called her today and she said that they arrived out of the blue. so, i'm not asking any questions! :smile:

    i think she has one on the floor, pm me if u want her number! :p
  13. i pm'd you.. :smile:
  14. Do you have to have a Saks card to get the EGC? Also, when exactly is EGC?
  15. ^^ EGC is july 26th nationwide.. you do not need a saksfirst card to participate.