it's's rolling!! yeah..another red **pics**

  1. Well..I am off from ban wagon..I reached over 8k posts and deserve LV..2 item I crossed from my wishlist..

    I want to add indigo bedford in teh future, yeah..I am too coward to add lighter color vernis LOL to work now..



  2. [​IMG]


  3. Congrats! Stunning I say..just stunning!

    **Got the Indigo Bedford locked in my brain too...want it BAD**
  4. awww, the bag is beautiful next to you!! congrats!!
  5. Very nice and CONGRATS! =)
  6. gorgeous! i love it! congrats on 8k! awesome contributions to tpf!
  7. that bag is FAB
  8. nice
  9. Oooh, it looks great! Love the red...congrats! You look stunning with her!
  10. gorgeous bags, and you look great too! thanks for pics and have a good day at work!
  11. it looks great on u~ love ur bedfords, congrats!
  12. nita, that bag is smokin hot on you!! congrats!!
    Loved your agenda :drool:

    hmm now what would you get if you reached 10k? hahaha
  14. i remember you were wanting the red bedford---looks lovely Nita!:love:
    congrats! :yahoo:
    i agree about the darker colors of vernis.....i'm a chicken....can't do the lighter colors as pretty as they are....
  15. Congrats! How tall are you?