It's ridiculous! USA and UK prices!

  1. I recently bought a Marc Jacons Venetia from NR for £449 instead of $995 which translates to about £470 initially which I thought seemed cheap as I am sure I have seen them as more than that in magazines. Anyway I noticed Balengiaga first bags are $995 and in England they are £670 is this the same with all bags? Are all bags cheaper in the US? It's so unfair! Also does anyone know how much the non quilted Venetia is in England?
  2. ah I know, it sucks big time. I do not know about every designer, but Chloe costs exactly the same in the states as in the UK. The difference really comes into play at sale time, the discounts in the states are of a percentage we just would never get over here! really crazy markdowns until they sell. We just do not get that kind of deal here :sad:
  3. Americans have way better shopping deals than abroad I find, and ITA with Chloe about the sales!
    I'm in Canada, and our regular prices are higher than the straight dollar converted price for many brands (Balenciaga, Hermes, Louboutin, etc...) and we're taxed at a higher rate too.

    It sucks - not sure about the answer to your marc jacobs question though.
  4. i'm in asia and the balenciaga city which is 1295$ in US sold for 1555$ here
  5. So in Asia your ripped off like in England too, it sucks!
  6. In Hawaii too... but that is par for the course... The SAME Coach Legacy bag on the Coach site is $695ish and at the store here $907!!! WOW! shocked!

  7. oh yes! we are totally ripped off LOL
    i think it's because the designer boutiques open here are franchised by OUR OWN people, and of course they expected benefits, so they must've raise the price again!
  8. Isn't it because of the exchange rate and the U.S. $ being worth, uh, nothing?
  9. ^ yea thats what i was thinking
    everyone at least in the EU who thinks all the sales are so great in the USA its not that tehy are such good sales its more that our $$ is soo weak right now that when out prices are transulated into your prices, your prices are much higher cause your euro is worth more,,

    and so when you come to the US your money is worth more and ours sucks so much that the prices seem much lower
  10. at least thats how i understand it

    ive been looking into it cause im going on vacation to england in june and my parents were informing me i should save a whole lot if i want to shop there cause our $ sucks so much so ive decided no shopping for me cause it makes more sense to buy things here in the states (unless its something i have no access to from the US)

    but yea as far as ive discovered in looking into it, as i wrote above is how it works :smile:
  11. yeah, the exchange involved in this too i have to agree.
  12. Of course, I hadn't really thought of that!
  13. Exchange rate is the case for now... but generally it depends on the brand of item too. Balenciaga is much cheaper in the US as is BV... however some of the more staple Italian brands - Gucci, D&G, Valentino, Versace etc, you will tend to find them cheaper in the UK (or more in particular Europe).

    I lived in the UK for 6 years (and yeah returning back in 6 weeks time).. I was always careful where I bought my items from. US brands were bought on shopping trips to the US... british brands in the UK... italian brands from italy..,.. french from france and so on....

    Currently living in Australia and EVERYTHING is a ripoff. For example a Chloe Padd here is about $2400 AUD, if you order from overseas, looking at about $1600 AUD and if you get charged taxes about $1800 AUD which is still heaps cheaper.

    I bought a Bal twiggy which if i bought in the US it would have only been $1400 AUD, I paid $1800 AUD!!!!

    So I hear you.... ;)
  14. It's all down to the good old exchange rate.
    For once it's good news for us Brits so- how about it girls - weekend shopping trip to New York??
    With the £ at 2$ it's bargain time!
    I just feel sorry for Americans coming over to the UK as it makes everything so expensive for them.
    I've tried most things to get a bargain bag but buying from the US is pointless as we just get hammered for import duty - £85 last time on a Gryson!
  15. The exchange rate is so powerful at the moment, that I have seriously considered a trip Stateside simply to take advantage . . .resisting hard at the moment, but oh it is tough!