It's Really Hard

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  1. It's so hard to come here because I love LV, I've bought too much & should not purchase anymore.
    When I read here, I can't stop.

    Anyone else have this problem?
  2. Yes!
  3. Huh?
  4. Seeing a lot of beautiful bags definetely makes a person want more so........yes I feel ya. V
  5. yeap, I know what you mean taht's why I started to play the lottery;)
  6. :lol: Ever since I started posting here I play the lotto more often. I thought I was the only one :shame:
  7. Yes, I've thought of not visting PF anymore because every day I see something else I want! But, I can't not visit- I think I'm addicted! :smile:
  8. Yes, absolutely, you are not alone.:sick:
  9. I used to buy about one purse a month. After I joined this forum I've bought 4 purses in less than 2 weeks! What makes it even worse is that there are about 20 more that I really really want, that I probably wouldn't have wanted before. Yet I just can't stay away!

    I think I need an intervention...;)
  10. Yep. This blog certainly hasn't help my already extreme bag fetish. It certainly is helping high end bag sales though. :P Bag sales in general.

    Someone should start a weekly thread and have bloggers post just how much they spend on bags each week. I bet our collective totals would be astronomical!
  11. We are definitely improving the economy here!! :lol:
  12. I can think of so many different bags that I want- I haven't really explored brands other than Gucci, LV, Marc Jacobs and Prada but those 4 keep me busy enough. I'm newly discovering Chanel now, too, but I can't keep away from the site. Luckily, I haven't bought much b/c I have a rule that I have to justify every bag I buy, so that keeps me in check!
  13. See? I posted & ran. It's getting difficult just reading the questions about other bags. Then I go research said bag and want it too. HELP!
  14. I have my limits so I know what I cn get and can't. I do want more though.
  15. I guess we just need to balance our wants and limitations. Besides, great bags are a plenty. I take my time to choose a bag i really want.:nuts: