It's real. YAYYYYYY

  1. Ok, so I posted my Neo speedy on the "Authenticate my bag" thread and it didn't look good. The screws on the koala latch was different that the one I had on my other Neo speedy. I was so bummed. Brought it to LV and asked my SA and she indeed thought it was fake. So I got upset and sent the seller e-mail after e-mail saying that I would report her and take legal action. She finally responds and assures me it's fake and tries contacting the store she bought it from. So I go to LV again and speak to a manager. My bag is real!!! YAY:yahoo:. I guess the koala latch was put on earlier models in 05. It's even on the Alligator Sac Speedy LTD being sold on let-trade.

    Here are the pics.

    My Neo Speedy Date Code:SP0045

    Let-Trade Alligator Sac Speedy LTD Date Code:SP0035
  2. :yahoo: Congrats!! I am glad everything worked out. Enjoy your beautiful bag.
  3. wow wasn't that a really big mix up but congrats on the neo
  4. I'm so happy for you!!!! What a relief...... Enjoy the bag ! :yahoo:
  5. which then prompts me to get out my noe speedy...

    BTW Congrat's on your speedy :yahoo:
    IMG_5799.jpg IMG_5797.jpg
  6. YAY!!!. I bought it for my sis but I may keep it anyways. It's LTD. LOL.:yahoo:
  7. Congrats on a great gift for your sister!
  8. Congrats! And thanks for the update-I've never seen that type of hardware/screws on ANY of the Neo Speedys I've looked at. So I'm glad to know your bag is real and thanks again for teaching us something new!
  9. Wow, you've got a nice denim collection going!
  10. Congrats! So glad its real! :biggrin:
  11. Congrats! :yahoo: It is a GORGEOUS bag! :love:
  12. Why would she say its fake ?
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. congrats! glad to hear that it is real
  15. ^^^I think she meant real

    Good detective work! Congrats!