It's raining Tokidoki!

  1. I mean, it's a Tokidoki Blizzard over @ eBay, especially coming from this big dude. How on earth? All hard to find past prints/styles, even the Bella Bella/Caramellina? And then from this other dream seller, all these *SAMPLE* bag. :wtf: It's great time to buy but bad time for moi wallet, but then again, luckily I have good self restraint! ;)
  2. true.. i thought the camo prints would be cheap but it seems there are ppl fighting over them. the camo black bella bella was at 160 shipped last i checked :s
  3. I know, yummy bags... I can't resist on some of them :p
  4. Yup, and I thought people don't like Camo!
  5. It must be a field day for Sparkling Water (a nickname I gave to this one person who bids on every Tokidoki bag there is)!!
  6. Well, they're both from Kentucky where they have the warehouse or factory or whatever.
  7. Yup, Stearns, KY, where the manufacturing plant is located. A goldmine for them I see.
  8. But I still wonder who they get them from because I remember someone posting that they don't SELL the bags out of the plant but that the workers can buy them but can't get caught re-selling them... those sellers are HOOKED UP.
  9. The big duds seller must have a connection because I got a GREAT DEAL from him before on eBay and he couldn't afford to sell for that price unless he paid about 50% of retail or less. He is a good seller though - I love what I bought. :tup:
  10. I supposed so. From a 3 day auction to 1 day auction, this seller is moving merchandise FAST!
  11. I tend to stay away because he charges 30$ for shipping to Canada... even for something small like a Caramella.
  12. Sparkling Water, LOL!!
  13. oh my gosh, I agree with all these eBay deals. I swear, my bank knows what is going on and purposely has the site down in maitenance so that I can't go bidding since I'm not sure how much is left in my checking so I can't transfer funds!
  14. What a theory you came up with! LOL!
  15. My wallet is crying over the recent tokidoki too :sweatdrop: but I'm the proud new owner of two angiolettos, so it can be quiet and let me ogle them.