it's raining toki in southern cali!!!!

  1. so i went to brea mall today to buy gifts for others and saw a LOT of toki's...

    at macy's there are a BUNCH of famiglia in zuccas, portas, stellinas, giocos, campeggios. In amore, there are lots of canguro, 1 ciao ciao, bambinos, and portas. In pirata, there is a luna, bambino, portas, ciao ciao, canguro. In spiaggia, there is only 2 canguro.

    at metropark, there are 5 zuccas of spiaggia, 5 zuccas of adios star (ONE HAD GREAT PLACEMENT WITH bastardino and polpettina, the white star (name?) on the FRONT!), 5 pirata zuccas. it was zucca craziness :wtf:

    hope this helps someone out... that AS zucca is to die for even though i will never buy AS, that one was nice placement!
  2. Are the tokis on sale there?
  3. I wanted to go to brea this past week but I forgot to get directions before I left work so I didn't... Thanks for the update! I'm still on the fence about the famiglia... I wonder if I should've taken advantage of the sale :sweatdrop:
  4. macy's is having a sale if u use ur macy's card 15 percent off. (that 25% thing doesn't work) AND you get 10dollars reward for every 50 bux u spend so you can easily get a lot of money back if you buy toki!

    no sale at metropark...just good placements...
  5. yeah tehlilone, i agree w/ u.... i'm on the fence about famiglia~ i bought a famiglia gioco for my sister's bday gift cuz she's into more subdued colors. i think only if it's REALLLLY cheap, then i'll buy~ to get to brea from OC, just get to the 57North and exit imperial hwy.
  6. OOOOO I remember now! lol wow I'm a nerd... I knew there was a mall on Imperial Hwy but I wasn't sure which one it was :lol: ah wellz...
  7. Familgilia is growing on me....:love:

    Here are pix of my new zucca....



    I should've taken a better pic of the back, there's a brown latte at the very top and some other cute characters!! :tup:
  8. Whoops, holy monster pix...sorry guys :sad:
  9. TokiliciousJenY, ur zucca is so nice! i really like the placement you got!!! by the time i get around to buying famiglia... zuccas will prollly be gone~!
  10. I didn't like it then I did like it then I didn't like it... I'm too moody so I don't think I'm getting one until after the next print or two arrive. unless I found an awesome one but they're all looking the same to me right now :sweatdrop: I kind of want a denaro tho
  11. Thanks! I took terrible pix but there are a bunch of lattes on the bottom and there's one at the top on the back. I :heart: lattes!!

    Telihone...I know exactly what you're saying b/c I was the same way after I had to hunt down the sale at 4 macy's I got fed up and was like forget it...they're all looking the same and I don't care. But my BF was like I want you to have it so I couldn't argue with that. :rolleyes:
  12. there is ONE famiglia zucca and ONE adios star zucca at my macys if anyone wants to call. They are not 25% off, just the extra 15% off if you use your macy's card and the $10 off $50 cards.