Its raining Red!! Fluers and Flowers

  1. Something about red and Louis :heart: I love these little treasures....


  2. Cute. Love your puppy. Is that one necklaces strap made out of MONO.
  3. So pretty!
  4. Thanks I love Brewster too:heart:.. Yes, it is made out of mono and really a well made necklace I am very happy with it...
  5. ^^^ i've never seen the necklace b4..i love it! how much was it?
  6. I love the charms.
  7. u made what? details please, it looks adorable.
  8. Wow!! Love your charms!!!! :nuts:
  9. Dogs are the best. My cairn terrier jack always makes me feel :heart: ed.

    Btw what breed is your dog? Australlian sheep dog?
  10. Retail was 575.00...
  11. Very pretty! Congrats!
  12. Brew-Boy is a miniature Australian Shephard (overweight one)
  13. So pretty!!! Congratulations!
  14. take off that plastic! its distracting from the beauty of the piece IMO. it will get destroyed eventually (sad thought, but too true..) just love your stuff to death!
    cute pastilles!
  15. So pretty!