it's raining pythons! i have pics!!

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  1. ok so i've been swearing up and down that if i could snag all of the old python inventory i will be moving with my bags and maybe DH to a remote village in mongolia so that i can't shop anymore (esp since the pythons in 08 will be going up by some 20% and i can't really justify those prices)--my collection will be DONE DONE DONE and there will be no more holy grail left to pursue (but what about that grey alligator tote, says the lil voice in my head...but let's not digress).

    so the last few days i've been on a scavenger hunt and two bags have just trickled in...may I present Exhibit A:

    gray/silver/blackish python with the most TDF chain in the world. also works as a clutch when you tuck the chain inside:



  2. Exhibit B is a dark beige (looks more like brown with specks of bronze/gold) flap with tassel:




    SA whispered sweetly in my ear that this bag also comes in d silver and khaki (bronze).
  3. here's a group pic to include the blue python from cruise (unbelievable 1995 price) and the bronze (khaki) clutch:

  4. Holy toledo, that is one stunning bag! Can't wait to see it in your Chanel du jour outfits! :drool:
  5. Larkie (hope you dun mind if i call you Larkie :p), Exhibit A is TDF. Congratz on your awesome python collection! :tup:

  6. OMG :nuts:, I totally LOVE all your python bags :yes:! What a great collection you have, and I like how the one in the first picture is a larger size. It looks roomy.:tup:
  7. hot damn!!

    just when I think your collection cannot possibly get any better.

    You go and get these!!!!

    Congratulations, I particularly love the first one, as I think that is going to be really functional for lots of different things.

    in awe, as always :biggrin:
  8. OMG the first bag is definately my newest love!!! haha....I am so coming over tonight to ransack your house. If you think you here a burgler around 3am...just go back to bed..its not me a all .:p
  9. What a collection. gorgeous!
  10. i am soooo sleeping in my closet tonight with the bags all handcuffed to me LOL
  11. Haha...haven't you ever heard of people getting those super adrenalin rushes in moments of fear or excitement...hehe I'll just pick you up and your entire closet and run out of there at lightening fast speeds!:smile:
  12. I'm speechless! :drool:
  13. wow !!! i love that blue phython from Cruise, is it still available ?? if yes, where could i find it ?? thanks!
  14. i got the blue python from NM...i'm not sure if there is any left in inventory--some ladies have been looking for the same bag for a while now.
  15. Hellooooo:woohoo:!!!! my thought exactly!!! do you have a Chanel boutique in your attic???

    Congrats Larkie, you are a very fashionable woman,,, but I'm sure you already know that:graucho:, love the new pythons bag, and of course your white NG bag too.