it's raining grails, alleluia, it's raining grails!

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  1. i've been in one of my tied-to-the-computer, working like a beast cycles again . . . and the universe has seen fit to reward me for my hard work.

    one of my all-time favorite scarves is les races des chevaux de monde -- a 1956 ledoux that has not been reissued recently (if ever :shrugs:) . there are so many reasons that i love it, one of which is the center panel -- which became cheval turc. i got this one a few months ago from dmzw and never expected to get another, so i bought it even though it has a few flaws:

    then about 10 days ago i won this one! like my first the panels are colored to give the effect of a hand tinted engraving, but the border is ice blue instead of black. it arrived last week and so far it seems perfect!

    and about a week ago i won ANOTHER -- light pink border without the hand-tinting effect on the panel designs. it arrived friday and also seems perfect!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i am just the luckiest !!!
    :wlae: :yahoo:

    (gratuitous doggie pic -- jeter, a/k/a 'duck-boy'))
  2. Wow, they are gorgeous, congratulations, do you think you have all the colourways now? This one is my absolute favourite:

    it looks hand-tinted like you say, just beautiful
  3. :heart::heart::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
    Congratulations, DQ!!! I am so glad you won...
    They are all beautiful!
  4. Big, big congratulations to you.
    Your grail scarf is something else; so unique and pretty.
    Beautiful colorways DQ.
  5. Wow, wow, wow! All three are magnificent! Good for you!

    Awwww, Jeter looks so cute!
  6. how beautiful, DQ! what a find!
  7. Gorgeous DQ!!
  8. Wow DQ, love all of them!!! :tup:
  9. thanks, everyone -- hubby just smiles and shakes his head as i jump up and down when these finds arrive, but i knew YOU would understand! :heart:

    allaboutnice, theres not a lot of information on this scarf -- but i've seen pix of two more colorways: white border with no tinting and light yellow (or cream?) border with tinted panels:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    CB, you weren't bidding were you? i didn't recognize any tPF buddies in the bidders lists. oh, and we need to talk about figures d'equitation. :graucho:

    i should be too embarassed to admit this, but in the last couple weeks i also scored an original issue of cadre noir (1963 -- no copyright), and a nouveau manege -- no clue as to the issue date (it's not on any of my reference lists), but there's no copyright and other than needing a steaming it's as fresh as if it came from the store yesterday.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i can't believe my luck!! so whatchya lookin' for ladies? i'm on a roll! :P
  10. DQ that is fabulous! The scarf is so beautiful. Very real life design, which I love. Only Hermes does it this well. Congrats on your finds.
  11. DQ,

    Those are beautiful!

    I watched the light pink one from beginning to end and it was a very nice score!

    I've got a grail of mine ending in a bit, keep your fingers crossed!!!
  12. Go DQ Go!
    There is universal H justice for hard working ladies ;)!
  13. WhooHoo, DQ! The scarf goddess scores again!

    Those are really gorgeous grails, too.

    I'm totally in love with Jeter, btw.
  14. Yeah! Congrats!!!
  15. Wow, gorgeous, DQ! Good for you - congratulations!