It's Raining Damier - Reveal!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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    Hey all -
    As you may know, we had a wonderful tea party a few Sundays ago at our Los Angeles meet-up event, and I was able to put a lot of faces to their avatars. It was wonderful to meet so many new friends and share the joy of loving LV. This was our lovely spread that afternoon and I appreciate LV for throwing us a little party.
    image-3578309054.jpg image-999121652.jpg image-4245492250.jpg
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    So, I was able to convince my siblings to go in on gifts for the holiday. We were able to purchase a bag in the store and some online. We did some early holiday shopping to avoid the possible price hike. And my older brother was willing to open up his wallet. ;) In the course of a few weeks buying in the store and waiting for delivery, they are all here together now and I have 4 things to share!!
    photo 3.jpg speedy box.jpg image-2185046810.jpg
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    First, something my brother and I bought for my sister.
  4. Oh wow, that party looks like so much fun!!! Can't wait to see what you got!
  5. That party looks lovely! I wish I could go to one!
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    We bought this for my mom as she wanted a simple tote and she doesn't have anything in the Damier print. Rivington!
    photo 1.jpg
  7. Please open....
  8. And now...a gift to myself... :biggrin:

    Mini pochette!
    pochette 1.jpg pochette 2.jpg
  9. Wonderful gifts!! Love them!
  10. And today...I got a bag to hold me over for awhile and I'm so happy!!
    speedy 3.jpg
  11. Oooh nice! I wish I could have all 4 purchases :o)
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    My new Azur Speedy 30 with my Mono 35! I can't believe I'm one of those people that own multiple speedy bags. Haha!
  13. What a fabulous haul!! And we are mini pochette twins too! :smile: Looks like you all had a wonderful (and very productive) day! Enjoy!
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    Thanks all for joining in the fun!! I started to store these gift boxes away, but I'm leaving the boxes ajar so air can circulate into the bags. I read somewhere that the leather needs to breathe, and I don't want it locked up in the LV boxes for 2 more months.
  15. Congrats! They're all lovely.

    In particular, I'm grooving on the Rivington at the mo. I'd never really looked at it before, but your pic prompted me to go and take a gander. Me like!

    Adding the luggage tag was a great touch.