It's raining Bags...MA and Nikki oh my.....


Sep 11, 2006
West Coast
Yikes I was so excited my Night blue Nikki arrived at work today! The leather is sumptious and soft and perfectly distressed and looks awesome. The color is not at all the way it appeared on the website, I really think it is very purple I love it though and I did want a purplish bag so she is staying with me! I am still on the hunt for a great blue bag.....hmmm is there and Oliver in Eb in my future????

The first pic is in natural light- this does not represent the color well but it is the color I thought it was.

The next shots are all with a flash and truly representative of the color:

I showed it against a new pink BBAG (that is going back)

Then finally i have shown it with my new Emerald MA!! Now this color is heaven it is the perfect green bag. Yowza it is a BIG bag! My 1 year old son fits in it and he is not a small kid!!! The bag has the blue leopard lining which I am crazy for!!! I love it. The leather on this bag is beautiful as well althougth different fromt he NIkki. This leather is smooth and structured, gorgeous this is an older bag but I don't think it was ever used!!!!!

Argh I can't get my pictures to work!!!! help!!


Dec 19, 2007
Alpharetta, GA
OMG i love your new bags! I really want my emerald MAB. FLL is still working on getting it for me... where are you oh dear emerald? I can't live without you any longer:search:


My Dream Ring!
Nov 6, 2007
Hong Kong
MrsShoegal, gorgeous Nikki!! I know what you mean about the color, I was surprised to see IRL she is very purpley violet!! Still gorgeous all the same!!


I Want That Bag
Aug 5, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
Congrats! I love the Nikki!

Since you have both bags, I was wondering how the size of the Nikki compares to the Day? Do they hold the same?