it's raining a bit over here - SUMMER is GONE!

  1. Just thought i'd share this with you all... RAIN!!!
    Well, I just got this pxt from a work-mate on her way home! She walks past the apartment I'm renting at the moment and this is what it looks like right now!!! The pic is of the street across the way from my apartment!!!

    :push: I should of worn Wellys to work instead of chuck taylors!!! HA HA!!!


    I hope you guys are getting some great SUMMER weather!!!
  2. awwww.. our summer is yet to begin, so lets consider it as a trade... :biggrin:

    Im dying for summer so im welcoming it with open arms..
  3. aww! summer hasn't even begun over here!
  4. Awww, summer's just getting started here, but I feel your pain :flowers:
  5. WOW! You still have work on that kind of weather? Especially with the flood going on??
  6. Yikes!! that pic looks like there's a flood. were just getting geared up for Summer here.
  7. Looks a bit damp there! (love NZ btw.. ) Summer is starting here in about 3 seconds..