It's RAFFLE's time!!! 2008 Japanese Catalogue

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I have been super busy lately and I have missed many of your posts. The last time I checked, a few lucky ladies have scored new croc birkins including a little something with diamonds. Picotins and Evelynes parties were loads of fun. Rainbows inside our bags are certainly getting more and more colourful, while fakes and ebay prices continue to generate loads of heated discussions.

    For a change of scenery, let’s have a little mindless fun;). I don’t have half the wit of many members here, so I opt for something mindless instead.

    A copy of the brand new March 2008 Japanese Perfect Catalogue is up for grabs. Just enter your name and take note of your post #. My dd will draw a number this Sunday 20th April 6:00 pmTokyo time. If you are attending the Fri 2nd May London meet, you need NOT to enter this raffle. A copy of the same catalogue will be available during our get together.

    Good luck!!!

  2. My Peko!

    Thanks LTC !
  3. oooh put me in too!


    thank you!:smile:
  4. Ooh yay! Thanks!

    - Francis
  5. Awsome LTC! Count me in aswell!:wlae:
  6. babyskyblue

    - thanks so much, LTC!!
  7. lecolquitt :flowers:
  8. Thanks LTC! Count me in as well.

  9. I'm pretty new to posting here, but I figure I'll give it a try! :smile:

    - Andrew
  10. :yahoo:Count me in too!!Thanks LTC!!:ty:
  11. Count me in for the raffle LTC! Wish me luck!

  12. Ooo, how fun !
    You're ever so sweet to do this LTC !!

    Count me in pls !!! (i need some eye candy to tide me thru labour - and i'll go, "Ahhh, i want THIS BAG !!!" - whilst pushing :happydance:)
  13. sakara54!
    Oh~~ I love this thread! Daisuki!:biggrin:
    Thank you ltc! :tender:
  14. I have a similar one and these things are divine! Wanted to exclaim your niceness:yahoo:
  15. How generous, count me in LTC.