It's pronounced like......?

  1. I have heard several ppl pronounce different designers different ways but it damned near killed me last night when my friend called Louis Vuitton, Lewis Votton:roflmfao:

    She is a very close family friend so after poking harmless fun (I would never do that to someone who wasn't close to me) at her I told her the correct way to pronounce the name... she almost died saying that no one has ever corrected her! hahaha

    What are some of the ways you have heard ppl pronounce your fave designers??

    I'll start with a couple...

    Hermes - Hermees

    And go....:tup:
  2. I don't have a story like yours, but in Kanye West's Gold Digger, "Cutie the bomb, Met her at a beauty salon, With a baby louis vuitton, Under her underarm," he sings "Lewis Vuitton." I heard the song a few times before I caught it. I wonder if he didn't know how to say it, or did it on purpose to make the rhythm better.
  3. The Hermes was a good one. Another that seems to be mispronounced a lot is Ralph Lauren as in Ralph la REN. Umm, he's not french. There are a few I still stumble over myself though.
  4. I've heard Aigner pronounced......"Ayeg..nerrrrr".
  5. Yves Saint Laurent - Vess Saint Lawrent
  6. It took me forEVER to learn how to say BAL-ENS-EE-AG-HAA, Balenciaga. And I was most embarressed when I asked to try on some Christian LA-BOOTINS... to which the snotty shoe salesman replied, "Which La-BU-TEHS would you like to see?"

    But seriously... I live in AMERICA, I don't have a french accent, so why do I have to speak like I do when I refer to a product. Why can't I call it HER-MEEZ?? No one else around the globe says American products with an AMERICAN accent...
  7. i guess coming find a bilingual community i always find it funny when people here cant say fr words properly. my dads always pronounces the C on Mont Blanc, he says he pays enoguh for the stuff he can pronounce it anyway he wants! lol.
  8. tabby.... i still have a hard time pronouncing Hermes because normally when I say it to someone who doesn't know about it I have to repeat it.. they're like "what!?"
  9. I've heard people call Hermes "hurmz" hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  10. I heard a woman once say "Ess-tee Law-day" for estee lauder :wtf:
  11. I think he was just trying to rhyme...I've heard him say it correctly plenty of times (since he's the so-called Louis Vuitton Don" lol)

    My friend argued very HARD with someone about "Lewis" Vuitton. I tried to be nice when I corrected her, but she was so certain she was right before they asked the "designer girl", escaping the embarassment was pretty much a loss. :p

  12. Sounds like the snotty salesman didn't pronounce it correctly either. It's "Luh-boot-anh" in French. (It's difficult for me to spell it phonetically so hopefully it came across alright. *L* But after 7 years of French that's one thing I know how to say.) So don't feel bad, he did it wrong too!

    To contribute to the thread, there's always Versace which is pronounced "Versayce" (a-la "Showgirls" the movie.)
  13. OMG I am so guilty of pronouncing Hermes, Estee Lauder, and Yves Saint Laurent wrong! :sweatdrop: I remember being in Nordstrom once and asking a salesperson if they had "Dee-or" (Dior) nail polish. That was a long time ago though! How do you pronounce ^ anyways?
  14. i never say "miu miu" (i sound like a cow!) or "lanvin" correctly... help?
  15. Oh wait, I do have a story. I asked a young SA at NM once if that particular store carried Botkier (my pronounciation). She looked at me in confusion, and I spelled it out for her. She then said "oh, you're looking for (her pronounciation)." She found a more senior SA and asked if they carried (her prounounciation), who responded with, "you mean (MY pronounciation)?" After all that, they didn't carry any.