It's pre-loved, it's over-priced...


Do you buy it if you're in lust?

Poll closed May 19, 2017.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. You've slept on it. Your best Bal Pal says it's over-priced and if you're patient you'll find it at a better price. But...
  2. That's a tough one. It depends. How long have you been lusting after it? Where does it rank on your wishlist? Is it an HG? Have you seen it before on the market in this color and this condition? If yes, how often? If I may suggest, think back on your quest for rouge theater--how would you evaluate your experience with that? Would you change what you did in that case? Would you regret it if this one sold tonight?

    Not sure if this is helpful but the above are my thoughts. I don't know how to vote. Good luck deciding :smile:
  3. I vote 'Yes' but it really depends on what amount of money we are talking about and what is the condition of the item....
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  4. Argh never knew I wanted it until I saw it. I've never seen this colour/HW combo before although my friend says they do show up. I don't really have a list of HGs, as I'm not a collector of oldies in particular, but I waaaant this one. It's stupid expensive for the style. It's a day bag, one of my top fave styles. But I'm also stupid with money when I want something. Mehhhh....thanks for letting me wail on your shoulder:hugs:
  5. Asked for more pics will have them by the end of the week...not much money for a lot of people but I don't have a lot to spend on bags right now...will keep you posted :-s
  6. I tend to say that if it's 100 bucks regularly and tag says 150, i will pay easily
    if it's 10,000 bucks reg, and tag says 15,000 then i will pass for sure
    assuming that condition is 'like new'
    personal example, small pochette scarf in H boutique sells at 200$ new with all docs and boxes,
    i have just purchased a pre-owned in mint condition (seller listed as 'brand new', but it was made in 2004-2006 range, no way it was NOT used at least a few times!) at 210$, when normally it should sell at 150$+/-.... just to give you an idea of my comfort zone :flowers:
  7. Ok I see your dilemma . I wish I can really help you. There's no rhythm or reason as to what bag makes our heart sing and apparently this one does. If I am correct, the prices of Day bags are usually pretty low with a few exceptions. So are you willing to take that risk? Have you made impulse bag buys before? If yes, do you usually regret it or you don't? How do you feel about waiting a bit and see if the price will come down a bit in a week or two?
    Good luck deciding dear MS.
  8. Thanks my dear, I'll keep you posted. Yes I've made impulse buys and lost money on them but I've also made impulse buys and have keep-forever bags as a result. Even if I've overpaid. The question is, how to tell if this is one of the good impulse buys? I may call the seller...
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  9. If it goes you will always be thinking 'I should have'
    If you get it you can always re home if not the love of your bal collection !
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  10. If I love the bag and it is not common (i.e. black city) I would go for it if I love it, IF it is within resonable price tag. In my experience pre owned Balenciaga bags normally go under 50% of retail price, which in my opinion definitely is okay for an impulse purchase of something that I love ;)
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  11. If it was an HG bag, yes.
    Otherwise, I try to be realistic these days.
    1. How often would you use it? You have a large collection. Is it worth spending more than it's worth for a bag if it won't be used too much? Regular rotation to me means at least once a week, other than that- I'd pass.
    2. Would this be an impulse buy? Wait a week and see if you still feel the same way. Maybe it's just the novelty of seeing a pretty combo you haven't seen before? That used to happen to me all the time.
    3. Since you fell instantly in lust, buy it and make an excuse how it's an early B-day, Christmas, Anniversary gift or whatnot. When all else fails- that's how I used to justify my bag purchases..:biggrin:
  12. @muchstuff
    As I've never had a very big bag budget (The most -by far- that I have been able to spend on a bag is $600) I have always had to watch for crazy low prices on bags that I dream of owning and then snatch them up immediately when I find them... so mine have all been sort of planned impulse buys, if that makes any sense. Lol
    I say if you can swing it financially and you'll use it, go for it. :graucho: Why wait until you (maybe) find it again?
  13. Speaking from experience I have regretted almost 95% of these types of buys. Only you really know if this is something you should do; however, if you are questioning yourself, listen to yourself. Good luck. It won't be the end of the world if it is the wrong decision and you will learn from it. Being on this site is not really good for one's self control, is it?
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  14. For me, it depends on the percentage. Like are we talking overpriced as in over the original retail price when the bag was new? What is the condition of the bag? Is it for sure authentic? Is it a bag that you can see yourself using for a long time?

    Yes, you could sell it if you regret the purchase. But I don't know what the likelihood of breaking even is, especially since you as a buyer think the item is overpriced. Potential buyers in the future may also think it is overpriced. Just some things to consider.
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  15. True but it would be re homing at a loss and I do too much of that. Will wait until I get more info on condition...
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