It's PINK!

  1. Hey everyone! I have NEVER seen this Chelsea Satchel before! It's PINK!!!!! Totally gorgeous!!!! Here's a pic...borrowed from eBay...what do you think?
  2. You crack me up, hon! I'm a shoulder bag only kind of gal so I'd never give this bag a second glance....but it is indeed PINK and thus must be added to your collection. :flowers: :heart:
  3. very different...I would have never guessed that it was a Coach. I like it!
  4. They had that, and other styles, at the outlet I went to before Valentine's Day. It's cute, but something about it bothered me.
  5. haha... I never knew they made the chelsea in a pink??? I wouldn't wear it (because I don't like pink much)... but we all know you do LA... it is cute since you like pink! :upsidedown:
  6. I know what it is......same thing that bothered doesn't have the usually Chelsea Satchel turnlock's zipped at the top. I just noticed that
  7. That's an outlet bag I believe. Silly girl making me open this thread because of the title ;)
  8. I LOVED those bags... but the zip on top doesn't go all the way across... like, when you unzip it, the zipper comes apart and you have to put it back together.

    I've fallen in love with so many of those partial zip bags and can't bring myself to buy one because I know it would annoy me.

    But its really a pretty looking bag!
  9. I looks like a giant piece of bubble-yum! i dont like the color of the pink, too light for me, but ive always liked that bag style.
  10. I saw this at the outlet this weekend! It is cute!
  11. Okay, so I emailed the seller about the drop of the bag...I really like it, but you do have to really like pink to like this We shall see if it works out.
  12. AND it would be my first leather Coach piece...Coach Bag, when you saw it at the outlet, did the leather look nice?
  13. It looks like leather but its suede.
    I have the same one in brown and I ruined it the first day I had it. I cut my finger on the zipper and got blood on the suede and I can't get it out. Needless to say it's been sitting in my closet ever since! :tdown:
  14. ^^ or did they make the pink in leather too???
  15. :yes:Yup, the pink one I've posted is pebbled leather. I couldn't do a suede bag either, it'd have it ruined. Suede gets too dirty too easily.