It's OVER til next's been fun!

  1. Well....

    I am now "officially" done shopping til next year in June. :cry: Perhaps dh will feel sorry for me and maybe get a LV item for Xmas. Maybe a wallet? :hrmm: LOL, I already have one in mind...:graucho: Just in case!

    Since late April up until this past wkend dh has bought me:

    Mono Speedy 30
    Wh. MC pochette access.
    Mono pochette access.
    Key chain extender thingy
    Wh. MC Sm. Agenda
    2 - pks. LV lined note paper
    Wh. MC Wapity
    Baggy GM Fuchsia


    Ok, this is "WAY" out of control (for me)!! I usually get 1 or 2 bags a yr. (bday/anniv./mother's day, and xmas). See what I mean?:shocked: Dh was out of control and I was lovin' it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!:roflmfao: He's telling me..."maybe you should get the baggy gm in green..." (but he means for my next purchase..which is next yr.) I'm totally fine with that...cuz things have been a bit LV crazy over here.

    I'm just going to enjoy the things I've gotten and ADMIRE AND DROOL over all the PF members new purchases!!! I shall be oooohhhing and awwwwing for many days to come that's for sure!! Can't wait to see all your pics girls...(..and guys!);)
  2. I hear you. I think I should be on a BAN as well. These boards are a lot of fun, but your collection quadruples as soon as you join. LOL
  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Hub has not really uhm, found out abt the Perfo Plate and MC Speedy in my wardrobe yet... *Looks around shiftily*
  4. your dh sounds like mine! very sweet! when I tell him I'm selling some of my bags he says, "Not the ones I like!!!"
  5. Well, I think you could enjoy all of your purchases for years so don't feel like you will regret them:love: Enjoy your beautiful things and STOP SHOPPING before the guilt sets in!:shocked:
  6. Aww, Thx..yep, he is! :love: He even did the exchanging for me when I didn't entirely like the Priscilla (got the bh and agenda) in it's place...and then he recently exchanged the damier speedy I had gotten last wk. and picked me up my wapity. Then we went Sat. and got me the Baggy Gm for my bday.:kiss:

    I'm just glad I'm not second guessing my baggy gm! I hate doubting and being unsure if I like the bag "entirely". My mind feels so clear w/ this purchase, definitely a keeper!! YA!!:yahoo: I'm thrilled!

    I can't stand, thinking...."uhh I don't know about this...or that". ugh!:yucky:
    I'm so glad in the end the things I returned was the right thing to do, cuz now I have no worries! ahhh!! Much better!:yes:

    LOL, just have to wait a yr. to "go thru the whole self doubt and decision making" process. LOL ACK! :shocked:
  7. Yep, Well...I'm done for sure now.:cry: But....wait there's still Xmas....:blink: Oops, I didn't say that...<scratch that>:Push:

    Not to say I'll refuse dh the joy of buying me something if that does happen. Hmm..:P

    Ok..."no more LV for more LV for me" :roflmfao: ....(not til next June anyway!:graucho: )
  8. Good job! You will help us all!:shocked:
  9. Thx! LOL!! I'll try! ...btw I ck'd out all your pics on your collection thread! BEAUTIFUL collection!! I likey!:amuse:

    Your BaggyGm pics definitely helped out ALOT! Thx for posting them! Hmm...My fav. color is green...but I just loved the fuchsia...LOL I'm already contemplating a green baggy gm for NEXT YEAR! ACK!:rolleyes:
    Or.....maybe a vernis wallet in fuchsia to go w/ my baggy. That would be beautiful! hmm...Decisions, decisions. Wait? I'm done! No more LV! Well...:lol: I have a yr. to decide! :roflmfao:
  10. Aren't you gonna buy the mirror line?
  11. No, I don't think so. I've seen pics...and didn't find anything that caught my eye. (LOL, guess it works out since I'm done now).


    Then I've read some other threads mentioning some new mono pieces. (Mono's my fav. line) Ut oh....Also some new denim things...Hmm..:hrmm: I like the fuchsia, and green denim items.

    I'm *kinda* thinking there "could"....."could" be a chance for a lil something for Xmas. Dh has 6 mons. to forget about all the $$$ he spent LV on. :P
  12. Congrats on all your new buys.:flowers:

    LOL Can we market a purse amnesia pill for DH's? :yes:

    *drops a pill*
    Him: I could have sworn I bought you something last month
    Me: Oh no, that was 6 months ago. :graucho:
  13. Thx!!!!!!!!
    OMG!:lol: Too funny! Amnesia pill? to get to work on that ASAP! Good Idea!:idea:

  14. LVCrazed,

    That's what you think. I'll give you max. 2 months and you will start thinking which Mirror Monogram looks good on
  15. Just enjoy your lovely LV pieces. You can live vicariously through the other ladies here. That's what I do while saving up for my next purchase. :biggrin: