It's over...but question about Alain Mikli sample sale in NYC

  1. Hello everyone...I'm not quite sure if I should post here b/c technically i found out about it after it was over, but I'm wondering if anyone was able to go to the Alain mikli sample sale that ended just recently. If you did, can you please describe to me what it was like and what they had? I live out of the state and one day I would love to go there...but if all they have are flashy colored frames I wouldn't even bother. Also I would appreciate if anyone can tell me if they sold Starck Eyes frames there and current season eyewear....Thanks :smile:

    Alain Mikli Optique
    December 4-7
    T-Th 9-5:45 F 9-5
    New Location!
    264 West 40 Street
    (7-8 Avenues)
    Sample sale. Alain Mikli is known for his bold, rectangular frames, in electrifying colors and pattern, but he also offers gentler models. You’ve seen them on Elton John, Bono, Sharon Stone, Samuel L. Jackson, Jack Nicholson, Robin Williams and P Diddy. Metal or plastic, they have an enormous array of colors and styles to choose from. More than 2,200 frames (optical and sunglasses) will be offered at this sale. The 25-year veteran’s chic frames sell at his elegant Madison Avenue stores for $200 to $700, now you will be able to acquire them for $45 to $95 at this event
  2. I'd love to know about the Alain Mikli sample sale too! Jesoon, how did you hear about it?
  3. I heard about it through couple of mailing lists that I'm on.. I'm not sure what the rules are on this site so I can't post those links (I don wanna get banned).

    Apparently there are tons and tons of places that give lists and lists of sample sales going on in NYC. I dunno if it's a blessing or a curse that I don't live in NYC lol.
  4. I am so bummed I missed this sale, this was one I was actually waiting for! I went a couple of years ago, and it was amazing. They had tons of frames available, and I got his signature black frames for $50 each. I still get compliments every time I wear them! Definitely worth going to, and I am so upset I missed it!
  5. I went and got a couple new frames. The prices were $40-$90 for frames and there were thousands of them. The frames are in boxes and aren't arranged in any particular order so you dig through the boxes until you find something you.

    I go every couple of years because the frames are such a steal. I was there as they were packing everything up and the fellow said the frames that didn't sell will go into storage until their next sale in May or March (I can't remember the date.)

    I think it is definitely worth attending if you live nearby.
  6. It's good if you can wear that signature rectangular shape. I can't so it was a bust for me. Next sale should be in March.
  7. There were many different colored rectangular frames as well as round & oval frames (much rarer). There were metal & Starck frames as well. Overall, very good deals.
  8. Ok some questions...

    If ANYONE wants to show off what they got in past or now...I would be super appreciate a pic or if you can tell me the model # on your frame....

    Also what do you mean by the "rectangular" frame? do you mean the plastic colored rectangular frames?

    Also for the starck frames did they have the metallic models or the plastic models? They advertised 2200 frames...that probably means they must have almost every color and style available out there if you get first dibs...
  9. One thing I'm kinda surprised is that there aren't flocks of mikli frames popping up at eBay. I'm guessing at these prices that people will dump on eBay left and right.....
  10. I bought this one:
    I would say that the frame is rectangular b/c it looks like a rectangle :smile: ; they had rectangular frames in metal & plastic
    There were sunglasses in plastic & metal (although much fewer).
    I can't remember which Starck frames they had.
  11. Ah so I didn't take into consideration the m/m line. Nice pair u got there :tup:
  12. Thanks! I can't wait to get some lenses in them.
  13. I went on the first day and many people got some great frames in their baskets. If you go early, the sunglasses are definitely worth it. Some look very expensive, but I think they were only charging $40. I was considering a pair of frameless Starcks, but I got an honest advice from an employee that I need to be very delicate in handling them (which I am far from doing with my frames), so I dropped them. I limited myself to one pair, since I've been splurging around. Found some great pairs for men, but w/o my SO there to try them on, it can get tricky.
  14. Itzme can you be a bit more descriptive about the starck eyewear and what you purchased?

    I'm wondering if they have any of the classic starck metallic decent colors (silver) or if they just put out weird colors (like orange etc).

    Or did they just have rimless starcks?
  15. There weren't many Starcks compared to the Mikli and Alain Mikli lines. I found a few sturdy, well-made Starck sunglasses. I only remember the rimless because I was holding it for so long, and looked so classic. The legs were a nice bright red. I don't remember much of the other Starcks because I was mainly going for the Alain Miklis. Most of the selection are funky and fun, but if you go on the first day I'm sure you can find some classic pieces in conservative colors. I had quite a few black frames in my hand, before I filtered out what had to go. There looked classic and chic, but sadly, it just didn't work for my face.

    I ended up with a pair of Alain Mikli half frames. I was told it was one of their most popular pieces. I saw alot of it in champagne, silver, and pink colors. I picked up a dark green. I'll post pics of it later when I'm on my desktop.