It's our anniversary!

  1. My guy and I have officially been together a year. He's asking my dad on Sunday for official permission to marry me or whatever.... *SQUEAL* He moved to Arkansas from Michigan to be with me after we met in Florida (long story but he's given up everything to be down here with me).

    He's currently job hunting and everything and even though money is tight for him he still got me something amazing-- or at least amazing to me... See below for my anniversary present (I got him a Coach wallet LOL)

    :love: I also included pics of us because I'm a silly stupid girl like that. Anyway, yeah, I know it's shallow I just really wanted to share how happy I am :yahoo:
    pZALE1-3289654t400.jpg rh.jpg Sarah1web.jpg rhsn.jpg snrhaas.jpg
  2. :yahoo: Congrats to you and the love of your life! Best wishes to you both! Don't worry about being shallow...whatever! We're girls, bragging rights are in our DNA:roflmfao: My anniversary was yesterday and I needed to share too!:p Beautiful present BTW!
  3. :yes: Congrats honey!!! Hope you have a great time!!
  4. congrats, i wish you both the best!
  5. He is a cutie, as are you ;) Congrats!
  6. Congrats, you are such a cute couple! I wish you two a happy future together. Love the necklace, it's gorgeous!
  7. Baby ur not silly stupid ! :p:heart:it is wonderful to be in love and of course you want to share your joy and we LOVE stories like that here ! :wlae:congratulations on your anniversary your bf definitely sounds like a keeper !:yes:
  8. Congrats- you too look very cute together!
  9. Congrats!! You guys are such a cute couple! :biggrin:
  10. You guys are really cute together! And I love your necklace congrats :heart:
  11. congratulations, Sarah.:flowers: It's nice to read a happy post.
  12. Awww!!!! You guys are sooo cute together!!! I hope you two are very happy!!!! CONGRATS to you both!!!!!
  13. Congrats!!^-^ such an adorable couple!
  14. Thank you all so much! :shame: :love:
  15. The necklace is really pretty! :greengrin: