It's ordered .....

  1. You may recall I asked for you kind ladies for help recently about acquiring a Kelly and a Birkin for my wife. We have just returned from a really great day in London and my wife is literally walking on air as we placed our order for a black boxcalf 32cm sellier kelly with PHW. OK, it won't technically be ordered by H until Jan/Feb and will take most of the year to be delivered but IT IS ORDERED :woohoo:

    They had a dark brown 32cm kelly with a fur front in NBS for her to try and get the feel for the size, etc. It was a joy to see her with it - the look on her face was magical!

    We bought 2 enamel clic-clacs (one red and one etoupe) and a twilly so there will be some orange boxes under the christmas tree to help ease the long wait for the Kelly. I also bought her a black lambskin Chanel classic flap bag with silver hardware.

    Whilst I do not claim to fully understand women and their love of handbags I must say that I am really impressed with the quality and elegance of Hermes bags - all her other designer bags just do not compare. I guess it's a slippery slope from here or is one Kelly and a Birkin likely to be enough so you think? :graucho:

    BTW the elusive Birkin remains just that at the moment and I have been advised to try again early part of next year.

    A BIG thank you ladies for all your help and I wish you all a very merry Christmas and an orange New Year ;)
  2. HO! You are an amazing, wonderful kind and supportive husband! Cheers to you!
  3. Congrats. It's nice you go along with her obsession. Hope she loves it for years and years to come
  4. Oh congratulations! Your post is so wonderful, and your love for your wife just shines through :heart: There IS romance left in this world!
  5. You can't get more classic H than a black boxcalf Kelly, what a fabulous choice. Congrats! And what a great husband you are too. I'm sure you'll get that Birkin too :tup:
  6. You are such a mensch. Glad it worked out, and thanks for the update!
  7. yay
    happy wife happy life you´ll see
  8. What a great story and I am so glad it worked out for you two :heart:
  9. Wow...Orange beat me!! And I thought I was a good husband, you ordered 2 H bags in one sitting! Good for you...and I believe that as long as our spouses look good and taken cared of...then we are doing our job and believe it or not...we also look good!!! We're suck suckers and we LOVE it! And we love our H addicted spouses!!!
  10. What a gem you are, she will love them!
  11. You are amazing! Cudos to you. Can I send you my Hubby's number? Mr Rocker needs a pep talk!

  12. That was the Kelly Troika Kelly brown one that , was kept for me to view last tuesday when I met up with the members of TPF, it was an amazing bag, just lovely , but I need black .

    Am so glad you have your order in, and I bet your wife is totally thrilled am so pleased for her, and some lovely boxes to go under the tree.

    Hermes is the Aston Martin of Handbags. once held and owned every other brand does not match except I do love Chanel its soooo pretty


  13. Yes but men look so sexy in there ties, Lobbs shoes
    I think H looks awesome on men

  14. Yay! You're a super husband to treat your wife to Hermes! You won't regret it, that's for sure!
  15. What a fabulous husband you are! Congratulations on ordering her a beautiful, truly classic bag.