It's only March but I'm done for 2016...

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  1. Started the year with my first LV leather bag and empreinte piece


    The Twinset/Twice in empreinte noir bought in January 2016
  2. In February my SA was able to locate my second purchase. Apparently it is sold out and there's a waiting list for it in my boutique.


    The Pochette Felicie in vernis magenta. Was debating for the longest time between the PF and the alma bb. My first vernis bag. Love the inserts and chain as I can use it with my other pochettes. So versatile!!
  3. Congrats! Great to hear you are satisfied for 2016. I have one item I'm looking at but not in a rush. Then I think I'm done for the year as well. Hope LV comes out with ugly stuff for the rest of the year. :roflmfao:
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  4. I read from TPF that the next piece was going to be discontinued. I looked at it before on the website but could never justify the price so it never made my wishlist. When it popped up on my local buy and sell site for a very good bargain, I just had to snapped her up!!


    The cute round coin purse! I use it for my coins and 1 or 2 folded bills. I can also attach my bolt keyholder and use her as a charm.


    So versatile! Love it!! Mine is 12 years old and has the thick canvas.
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  5. I hear you! Yes I too hope LV comes out with ugly stuff for the rest of the year...
    Or I may just have to stop looking at TPF/YouTube/ LV website after this...
    Anyway there's more to come for my 2016 haul...
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    My fourth purchase was love at first sight! The colour is just beautiful and I couldn't leave the store without it. Was surprised my store still had it. My SA said it just arrived that day and maybe the last shipment of this particular colour. Got this baby at the end of February...


    Alma BB in Rose Nacre . The shimmer is amazing! My first Epi leather piece.
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  7. Yup it's what we all say! Nice pieces.
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    And finally got this baby today. Can't stop thinking of it since I bought my Alma BB Rose Nacre. I feel this bag will be more suitable for every day wear.


    Alma BB Epi fuschia ️. It looks quite dark in the pic. Can't wait to see it's colour in natural light as it is already night time here

    Oh and this bag is my first made in Italy bag making it extra special

  9. Now for a family photo

  10. OH. MY. GAWD! What a haul!!!! I love everything! I want to grab a coin purse too!
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    ...until April when the new compact Victorine wallet comes out ... Then I'm truly done!!
    Thanks for letting me share

  12. LOL! Thanks
  13. Congrats and enjoy your lovely bags. It's okay being " done for the year" when you have all of your lovely purchases to use and enjoy.

  14. Thank you. I kinda surprised myself too from no leather LV bags to four . I noticed I tend to go on a binge when buying bags.
    Yes the coin purse is so cute! You should grab one!