It's only Feb, but look what I've done!! Mia's 1st 2009 Reveal (w/ lots of pics)

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  1. Omg wow wow wow.I love everything.What girl wouldn't like all these hearts.Your DH is awesome and you both are great kids to have gotten the jumbo caviar for our mom.Enjoy your loot.Its definitely tdf:heart:.
  2. aww... i really wanna have a daughter like you if i ever am a mother!! you are so sweet and your DH is also really sweet Mia!!
  3. Great haul you lucky girl! Can't wait to see Part II!
  4. WOW MIA!!! I am totally speechless!!! First of all you are such a sweet daughter to give the black flap to your mom...I better start training mine right now!!! The jewelry is all gorgeous and all the pieces, even though very different, are all you!! The dangling knotted heart brooch and earrings, the liberty pieces, the amazing victorian brooch they remind me so much of the fabulous pieces of jewelry you wear in your modeling pics and I love so much!! Now what can I say about the camellia bouquet ring...WOW!!! I know you have more coming from this collection and I am going to start stocking up on the valium right now since I am going to need one when you post the remaining pieces from your loot!!
  5. Major congrats Mia :yahoo: they are all so gorgeous and amazing! Thanks for the eye candy and I'm so in love with the 09C Love Knot collection and of course the s/s camellia ring, it's just stunning. :heart:
  6. oh my! Oh my! Fab loot and I especially love the black Valentine flap and the Cameo brooch.
  7. Mia, congrats on your new gifts & purchases. I just bought the same pair of earrings 2 days ago. This heart w/wings earrings is from the same season with the bow earrings and I fell for this immediately! I really think that you can pull off with the pink Val. since you have light complexion - - also I always felt that you look kawaii & happy, it's a fun piece! ;)
  8. Lukie - the price is $335.00 USD. :tup:
  9. wow congrats.. i love love the valentines flap
  10. Everything is fabulous! Congratulations! Your dh is so sweet, and you're so thoughtful to get your mom the jumbo and the wallet.
  11. ok..that's enough....I almost passed out!!

    Everything is gorgeous...especially my brooch too...haha....I know. Justine, me and that fabulous brooch.....who else???

  12. WOWZAAA!!! Mia!!! Love your style. Everything always looks so wonderful on you.:yes: Love all your new goodies!!!:heart: You must have the most stunning collection of Chanel around!!!:tup:
  13. Wow, that was some awesome shopping. Thanks for sharing all of the fabulous pictures.
  14. *mia* 's been shopping !! woo~hoo !! i always :heart: your reveals! :woohoo:

  15. OMG miaaa! u did it again hauhauhauahu! when u do a reveal, you reveal big! and i agree on the influence that miffy and justine have for all of us in the forum for CHANEL JEWELLERIES! hauhauhauahua what a naughty influence...thank u so much miffy n justine =) miaaa congrats really for a superrr great haul! you scoreeee! and i also wish to have a daughter like u and son in law like ur DH =) u both are great! have funnn and cant wait to see the bag reveal hauahu i know its coming! love ya!