it's only a Wapity...

  1. I've been taking a little break from LV lately, checking out some Chloe and other stuff. But last week I picked up a little Wapity, and it's really delightful! :love: It's the perfect size for my digital camera, which looks like it's all snuggled up in the soft red lining. I know it's only a small accessory, but I was really excited when it came in the mail, and I keep peeking at it and smiling! Is it just me being silly:upsidedown:, or are other people feelin' the love for the Wapity? :heart:
  2. I LOVE my wappitys....I use one daily for the gym! It carries my mp3 player, phone a keys! I have used both of them to death. (blk MC and mono) ENJOY!
  3. the wapity is supern duper cute!!
    i bought a white MC one... but then realized i had nothing to use for it (since i thought it wud be too pricey to use just for my digicam) so i exchanged it for the BH instead...
    but one day i will get a white MC wapity again! cuz it's just too cute!
  4. they are even more cuter IRL lolll:smile:i just love the multicolor line,it makes me feel like a princess loll
  5. i want one so bad! my husband said that i need to wait until christmas for the "hippity hoppity" (as he puts it) case!
  6. the wapity is exciting ! I went in to buy one, but my pda/cell did not fit into it, purchased the mini-pouchette then.
    have fun with it!
  7. I got a mono wapity for my birthday in July. I still love it. I use it just about everyday. It's just so convenient. I really give it a workout, but it still looks just like it did the day I got it. I really think it's one piece of lv I wouldn't want to live without. I keep my ID, cc and money in it all the time. I just throw it in my duomo and take it out as I need it. It's great for running errands around town and there's very little vachetta to worry about. Congratulations and enjoy!
  8. I love my Wapity, too! It has so many uses and it is just the cutest little thing.
  9. I love it too. I use it daily in my bags as a m/u case and it fits a good amount of stuff (compact, lipstick, small brush, lip balm). I also use it when I go to a bar or casino and can use it to carry my compact, id, money, cc, lipgloss and lip balm. Its great!! and very cute too. It was worth every cent.
  10. The Wapity is super cute! My friend has one and he puts his digital camera, money, and cards in there and everything fits! It's suitable for guys and that's another pro!
  11. I am on a strict ban, but boy, I'd :heart: a wapity..... :love:

    Little LV or Big LV....all LV is *wonderful*....Congrats :girlsigh:
  12. I love the wapity.
  13. :yahoo:
    I just bought my black MC Wapity Friday and I love it. I already Apple Guarded the strap (lightly 2 times) *good results by the way, everything A-OK*

    I just love the little sucker...I went camping this weekend, in a cabin in the middle of the woods so I had NO use for it...but I can't wait to take her out soon!!!!! Congrats.
  14. I love it too, want another! Fits amera and cell phone perfectly...also love it as on the go wallet.
  15. I love mine so much!!!! It is my most used item and it is so versatile you can practically use it for everything! I use mine almost daily!!! Its so adorable and like someone previously said, it makes me feel like a princess! Worth every penny!! :love: And don't worry, I am silly too since I leave mine out of the dustbag and look over at it every once in awhile and smile to myself. =) I love it dearly!!!