It's ONLY $200

  1. Has anyone else found themself suddenly thinking bags in the $200 range are some type of bargin?

    When I first started out my handbag obsession...I used to get very small bags usually under $200. A few years ago they had a lot of nice stuff that was small and around $ don't see as much of it anymore. But anyhow, I would get these bags for my birthdya and what not and be content...I was a college kid and lucky to get anything.

    Then last year, after being out in the work world for a while, and buying a $500 Fendi and a Carly for $350 or whatever it was...I find myself a) gravitating towards more expensive bags in the $300 range and b) when ever I see something in the $100 or $200 range...I think "Wow, that's cheap...I can get it".

    It's almost kind of scary. How can I think $200 for a purse is cheap? It's definately NOT cheap when you think about it, but I almost feel brainwashed. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Is it going to get worse if I ever splurged on something even more expensive?
  2. oh i agree! i've started to think like that too.
    the cotton carly last year was a SPLURGE for me, and now i'm going for the leigh and such. then, seeing some new bags coming it in the $200-300 range, i'm like, with the PCE discount, this is CHEAP!
    lol this is bad.
  3. I am ashamed to admit that yes, I think these same things. It's amazing isn't it? I TOTALLY think that if I can get a bag that I love for $200 or less that I just got the bargain of a lifetime. :shame:
  4. I was just thinking about this while looking at some LV stuff......anything under $300 is a steal!!
  5. I think the same way ! A few years ago if someone told me that I would think a $200 bag was a great deal I would have laughed in disbelief ! I always say to myself what a good deal I got on my Ali which was originally $500 dollars and paid $215 or so for it but that is still a lot of a handbag. I forget that non purse loving people that I know would still think it was ridiculous !
  6. Yeah, I hear you!! I started out in the Lucky Brand range, and then kept creeping up higher and higher with other brands...first Betsey Johnson, and now Coach. First factory and eBay priced Coach, keeping it at that low range, and now I'm purchasing the Bleecker and the more expensive Legacy stuff. I still think you can get a very nice bag for under $200, but yes, I think I have been conditioned to think it's "cheap" when I see bags priced at that price now. I quake to think about how I might escalate in the future, and I think I do need "therapy" there such a thing as "BA"..."bagaholics anonymous"?? I need to join!!! HELP!!! :smile:
  7. Um, this is me. :yes: I started with Dooney & Bourke years ago and only had one bag at a time.. not an obsession, just liked the brand. :p Had other no name brands too.. bought a Coach duffle a little over a year ago and what a year it has been! :rolleyes: It has been intensely crazy and I have definitely gravitated towards more expensive bags.. and PCE Is permission to buy things.. when I go to the outlets and see anything around $200 or less I feel like I am at the dollar store. It's completely ridiculous. Luckily between me realizing it was getting out of hand, the market going south and some debt I have really pulled in the reigns and stayed away.. for now. :graucho:
  8. I totally agree with all of you. I consider myself lucky if I can get ANYTHING for $200.00. We get accustomed to paying more and more and more, and our economic threshold rises. When I go into Macy's and see some of the Coach bags marked down to around $239.00, I'm like " wow, it's mine!" even if I hadn't gone in looking for anything. It's almost like I better get this before someone grabs it up because it's ONLY around $200.00! Amazing what we grow accustomed to, isn't it?:shame:
  9. Me too. I used to balk at paying over $50 on a purse...:lol:
  10. haha...this post is totally like me. I NEVER thought I would hit the 200 mark...and well I've already hit the 700 lol
  11. Exactly what I was thinking, Taniukiki! My last bag before my first Coach was a Tommy Hilfiger I bought on sale for $50 and really debated on spending that much. Of course it only lasted 6 months before it completely fell apart. Now I will never wear anything but Coach...I am a total Coach snob!!
  12. I bought a Vera Bradley this summer in the mid $70s and I thought that hurt. Then I was working at Coach and thought the prices were too good to pass up and would drop double that on a bag. It might be a good thing I'm not working there right now, can finally save some of the money I'm making.
  13. Yep, I just bought a non-Coach thinking $700 wasn't bad. Gulp. Now a $400 Coach seems reasonable.
  14. I'm not quite there yet, but I've got that going on at a lower price range.

    My first Coach was the wave top handle pouch at the outlet for $67 something. I couldn't believe I was doing that! I just figured I could think about it and return it if I decided it was too much.

    Then in Dec I paid $150 for my demi Carly and JEEZ! That's a lot of money! I really couldn't believe I was doing it! I ended up returning it after getting an awesome steal on the same bag, but I can't cross that $150 again for a little while... like March :biggrin: (I do have two other bags btw $100 & $150).

    I hope I can stave off the $700 handbag thing for a little while longer....
  15. Oh thank God I'm not alone!!! :sweatdrop: Under $200...STEAL! I'm already plotting my first LV yeah....I've come a looooong way from splurging on Maxx bags. And I have a few co-workers that just don't get it...not that I care...but they SCORN and SCOLD me when they see I have a Coach bag....they can't believe I invest in handbags. Oh well....I look STYLIN'! :supacool::p