It's one of those days.....

  1. You just know your day is going to be driving you crazy when you run all your errands fast and want to come home and paint (yes-start decortain something pretty). So I am in the kitchen and see dog poop (tiny bit) on the sink carpet and I start yelling at my husband didn't he take his shoes off after he mowed the lawn, he denied he did it and yes--there it was on my I got dog poop on my large kitchen table rug and now need to take the rug outside and steam clean it. Of course I will mop the wood floors and kitchen floor but there go the painting today. What gets me angry is we don't have a dog and I am so sick of people letting their dog sh_t on other people's lawns. Of course the weather is a bit chilly so the last thing I want to do is steam clean this huge carpet outside. :wtf:
  2. Hope your day gets better.
  3. :sad: Just think it can only get better...right?

    Hope it does ;)