It's on the tip of my tongue!! What is that WORD!

  1. Ok.. so I'm know there is a word out there that has to mean this..
    Because it's totally on the tip of my tongue. ._.

    It's for.. a person that has to have all the latests newest technology, and knows all about the newest things that are about to come out..

    Someone basically very technology savvy.. >< but I know there is a word for all of that! ><

  2. a geek? a nerd? a techie??
  3. Oh no no~

    It was a "professional" sounding word? If that makes sense at all. xD
  4. technophile?
  5. early adopter?
  6. gizmo idk
  7. I have no idea..... now this is going to drive me mad too until we find out what the word was lol.
  8. That's the first word which crossed my mind too.
  9. We call it "shiny object syndrome".