its official.....

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  1. i'm broke!

    i've just spent the last 30minutes trying to get tickets to go to U2 on St Paddys day! After clicking and refreshing a million times, i got 2 tickets!!! :amuse:

    but i'm really sad to say, i'm completely broke and i pray i'll be able to pay for my trip!!! :shame: everyone, please pray for me - i have a feeling im gonna live off coffee and ciggies from now on!!!

    :cry: i'm SO sad now because I really wanted to a new bag.... well not right now but in the next couple of months!!!!! :cry:
  2. Congrats on the tickets! I'll say a prayer for you!
  3. Congrats! I like U2 :nuts:
  4. No HelenNZ - No Ciggies, I hope you were joking about the ciggarette part. (yes?)

    I quit 3 years ago - best thing I ever did for myself.

    But - I am happy that you got your tickets - How much did you have to pay for those??

    you will have a great time - even if it means Ramen noodles for a week or so (add a little swiss chz and everything tastes better.):amuse:
  5. So expensive too - cut those out and you'll be able to afford a bag in no time.
  6. :shame: i've been trying to give up for the pass couple of years, im not so bad now... :shame: i guess i just find it diffcult - now im just making up excuses!:shame: ***puts brown paper bag over head***

    thanks everyone for being happy --- you guys are the best!!! im so sure the visa ppl are like WOO HOO, i got the tickets @ $111.08 including booking fee etc.... they're only standing room tickets but still its U2 and i'm sure when i get stood on (im barely 5'1) Bono will save me! hehehehe!
  7. Enjoy the concert!!!
  8. Enjoy the concert!!!
  9. Waw! You're so lucky! I tried to get tickets for U2 last year, but it's impossible, it's always sold out in no time. So enjoy for the both of us!
  10. I think U2 is a "once in a lifetime" concert, so exciting. I would love to see U2 in concert! Congrats!
  11. Well, at least you spent your money on something fun! Enjoy the concert.
  12. I have seen U2 twice in concert; once in Madison, WI and once in NJ. Awesome shows. You will have a blast!!
  13. U2 is definitely worth it. You'll get it all figured out. And have fun!
  14. holy crap! it will be worth every cent, I promise!
    U2 is the most incredible band in existence right now. Sure I'm biased, but I saw them in Miami last year and it was AWESOME.

    take a thousand photos. and live on ramen and cigarettes if you have to. I would!
  15. U2 are much better than a new bag!
    i'm a huge fan and everytime i see one of their concerti i feel blessed!!