It's Official!!!!!!!

  1. Well, I just had my 30th Birthday party yesterday, and it was fantastic! The band was awesome, My chocolate fountain Rocked!! And The Greatest present I've been DYING for was given to me!!!! :yahoo: It's official!!! I am the proud new owner of a

    LV BH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here are some photos!!! Whoo Hoo!!!!!!

    Me playing with my old band!
    And Me with my new baby!!!
    This was this morning!
    I thought my closet looked good, but It looks so much better with that AWESOME brown box!!!
  2. yay happy belated bday
    everything looks great..chocolate fountain..yum...
    looking good w/your bh..congrats!!!
  3. Congrats you!!! Wear it in FABULOUS health!!!
  4. Congrats and Happy 30th!
  5. congrats! happy birthday too! :yahoo:
  6. woohooo!! congrats!! the bag looks great on you and it's very useful too!!
  7. I'm so happy you received this bag at the end, happy b-day :smile:
  8. Congrats!!!
    it's such a great bag,
    Happy birthday!
  9. glad you had a good birthday.
    doesnt look like there was much bed rest going on in your house yesterday!;)
  10. Congrats! Looks like a wonderful party!
  11. How wonderful! I love the pictures too! You will thoroughly enjoy this bag, it's so functional and stylish! Is that your older son in the picture w/ you playing the guitar? That's so nice that you're going to have another boy! I have 3 boys and it's the best to have brothers, they have built in buddies!
  12. Happy birthday! You look great with the bag. Congratulations!!
  13. Happy Birthday and COngratulations. It looks fab on you.
  14. Congrats!!!!
  15. Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like a great day and congrats on the LV! Looks great!