It's official- the list of upcoming discontinued bags RIP

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  1. Here is a screen shot of the upcoming a bags that will be discontinued. This is all the information I have right now. I don't know when what what will "replace" these bags. This is from a sales associate from one of their staff/team meetings

  2. so sad. The mews is probably the biggest shock. Also I wonder what MNG only stands on the totally.
  3. The Totally!! Wow that's a shock!
  4. Maybe monogram.

  5. Yep, monogram. Most of these are no surprise
  6. Nope Austin said the Mews was discontinued - he is usually right on when he tells me things. I like your RIP! Thanks for the info.
  7. WOW...I can't believe the totally!!!! I have one is DE and she is my work horse...
  8. I'm very surprised that the monogram totally is on this list. Other than speedy and never full, it's the third bag I see the most. Waw
  9. And they have little!!
  10. No wonder I can't find the Mews! Isn't Calvi discontinued or was that awhile ago?
  11. I love the empreinte bagatelle!
  12. count me as another one surprised by the totally and the mews. the totally is one of my staples that i use a lot and the mews seems so popular here and for good reason, so why would they discontinue these functional bags???
  13. Oh no the Dora I like the look of that bag.
  14. The totally and the sully both surprised me
  15. Wow! The trocadero just came out...and I was thinking about purchasing one. Now I'm afraid that it will not hold its value. Thanks for sharing!