It's official: Part-time over city

  1. I've been carrying my bg pt for all of one week and I love it so much more than the city already. I can fit my MU clutch, cp, sunnies, companion wallet, a water bottle, and light sweater in it. And I love how there's just that much more leather to love!
    100_3706.jpg 100_3709.jpg
  2. I love the color I think my next will be a pt.
  3. i love your bagg! it looks great on you.
  4. looks really cute on you... congrats!
  5. I've been thinking about a PT also, but maybe not GH. I find my city GH is heavey enough. Yours is lovely!
  6. :nuts::nuts::nuts: beautiful!
  7. I'm so happy that the PT is gaining more popularity..when it first debuted...I was one of the lovers of it but not too many were enthralled w/this East West style. Your Bubblegum PT is so sweet and gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE how it looks on you! :love:
  8. That P/T looks so good on you! :smile:
  9. the PT is indeed a great style! it fits a heap in there!
  10. I love the part-time, too.
    It looks fantastic on you.
    Enjoy and congrats! :tup:
  11. Thank you for your pics!! I am really falling :love: with this style. I think that my next bag will definitely be a PT!!
  12. The part-time is a great size ... I love it too since I tend to carry a lot of stuff. Glad to hear that you love your BG part-time ... BTW that bag is so gorgeous!
  13. Gorgeous bag! I started out with a First, then onto Twiggys and now that I've found the City, it's my favourite size. Maybe the PT is on the horizon for me as well. :smile:
  14. It looks fantastic on you! :love:
  15. I agree with you! I just got a black part time with giant gold hardware, and I love it!!! I still love my cities, but this might become my new favorite bag!! I think the part time style looks better with the giant hardware. By the way, I love yours!! The color is TDF!! It looks great on you! Good Luck with it!!!