its official...i'm PLUM crazy! ;)

  1. hi girls!:smile:

    wanted to share my matching plum accessories i got for my lp plum mahala.:girlsigh:

    the utah plum lp wallet and matching cosmetic case.....i really am loving this color so much:love:....can you tell? :p
    wallet and cosmetic lp plum.jpg cosmetic case lp plum.jpg wallet lp plum.jpg Ip plum items.jpg
  2. :drool::drool: OMG, I'm so jealous! They're TDF!!! Congrats!
  3. Wow! The accessories really pull everything together! I looove the wallet!

    What a great color, I'm so happy you're loving your new Choos! :heart:
  4. thanks purseinsanity! and i got 'em at 30% off too!:graucho:

    stinkerbelle--yes, i really am enjoying my choo items! :love:that wallet is HUGE! :nuts:very versatile...can be used as a clutch too its so large....:tup:
  5. Congrats on your new additions. I have to say I am plum crazy too - I just got the same wallet and I have the Mave in plum. I am, however, missing the Mahala!
  6. Beautiful!
    Congrats on your GORGEOUS new plum choo!
  7. thanks lady chinadoll!:flowers:

    starbuxx--good for you:yes:...the mave is stunning! :love: i'm glad i'm not the only plum crazy choo girl!:p
    now, your screen name is making me thirsty, :drool:so i'm off to starbucks and then some shopping....:wlae:
    have a good day all!:heart:
  8. Hi Mick - isn't it fun to have the matching pieces? Glad you are happy with them!
  9. Mick, that's a great family you've put together and that plum is just gorgeous! :sweatdrop:
    So, now that you have the plum lps family what's next on your wish list? :p
  10. jburgh--yes, it is very fun and satisying to have matching pieces!;) thanks!:flowers:

    bella--thanks! :heart:i want something beige/camel for spring and i'd like to try out the riki next....contenders now are the bone shimmer or the nude biker with snakeskin trim....:yes:
  11. The color scheme is really pretty, Mick. Congrats!
  12. I absolutely love the matching accessories :drool:

    I must be good..... :banned:

    You are so "Styling" Mick :cutesy:

    So is the Mahala officially out of the closet:lol:
  13. As Borat would say "Wa Wa Weeeeee Wa"!:drool:
  14. Yummy plummy family, congrats!
  15. I love those accessories Mick!!! You are very nicely coordinated!! Wow -- I think that plum patent is one of the nicest lines JC has done.