It's official! I'm going to see......

  1. Jerry Seinfeld! DH & I are going for our 1 yr. anniversary. yeah, i know sounds like an odd thing to do on anniversary, but we LOVE Seinfeld!!!
  2. That's a great idea.
    I hope you enjoy the show.
    Happy Anniversary!
  3. Excellent! :biggrin:

    I'm so jealous, my BF and I love Seinfeld, too!!! :yes:
  4. Hw fun! I would love to see him!
  5. Nice! I love Jerry Seinfeld! Have fun!!!
  6. That's awesome!! I'm a huge fan. Have a great time!
  7. Congrats on your 1st yr anniversary, yay:yahoo: and have fun!
  8. Thank everyone, I can't wait!!!!
  9. Lucky ducky! I would LOVE to go see him!
  10. that sounds great. HAve a good time there. Congrats on your anniversary as well.
  11. I saw Seinfeld in Boston about a year ago and loved it. You will be laughing the whole time. Enjoy and congrats!
  12. sounds fun.. enjoy...
  13. I saw him in San Francisco a couple years was great fun...although I found myself looking at the side of the stage hoping Kramer would pop out LOL
  14. You are soooo lucky! I've never seen Jerry live before but I own all the DVD seasons of Seinfeld. He is sooo funny!!
  15. aw, neato. jerry is so hillarious - loves him. you guys will remember it for the rest of your life. thats soo special for your 1 year anniversary.
    congrats, btw!