It's official, I'm completely neurotic !! New Insolite Wallet


May 14, 2007
Just outside NYC
I don't know *what* it is about this wallet -- but as soon as I saw it I had to have one. The red didn't seem to be available anywhere online and I wanted to see it first too -- as it seemed big.
LV Boutique at Short Hills had all 4 colors -- the white is definitely not a white/white -- the brownish color of the leather comes through -- and I did like the purple but wanted the red to go with my RP Weekender so here's the neurotic part:
It's here, it's in the LV bag, in tissue, in a dust bag and I CANNOT get myself to break the seal! I know, it's just a wallet but as I was never an LV person until I was smitten by the idea of Richard Prince working on bags with Marc Jacobs and the Weekender -- I think I'm waiting for some official "special moment" to take the darn thing out.
I believe tomorrow will be the day -- too late tonight -- but did want to say pics will be on the way. It is large but the compartments are super and it feels great in the hand -- and compared to other zippy type LV wallets, seems like a steal.
Btw -- saw one of the bronzey mahina's up close (with turquoise underlay in the piercings) -- what an amazing bag -- the leather is unbelievable and I loved the depth of the shading -- so GREAT -- now I have a new, and nicely expensive obsession !!:yahoo:
Jun 13, 2007
Congrats on your new Insolite wallet! :nuts:

What color did you get?

Have to go to bed. :sleepy: Will check back tomorrow for the pics.

Love LV

Love LV
Jan 7, 2008
Aw!! Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pics of your new wallet. It's a beauty!! I have one in red and absolutely adore it!!!


Jul 25, 2008
Congratulations on the new wallet, I love the Red one, shame though about the white .. I suppose in time the white would get dirty inside a bag anyway! :tup:


Jun 18, 2008
oh man i totally understand but we NEED to see pics!!! I have yet to see a real good clear picture of the insolite!