it's official- i'm addicted. how about you?

  1. ok i have to admit something. i am addicted to my caleche bangle. seriously, i am not a jewlery person and i've worn this nearly every day since i got it. it looks perfect with everything! i don;t know if it's the semi plain design, the way it fits, the color or what but i adore it. it's making me think i want another one in another color but i don't know what color i would get and i am afraid i'll ignore this one. but omg. it's like my watch and my hoop earrings, i just reach for it every day! and they all look so nice together.

    what are you addicted to?

    (oh and should i get another one? lol)
  2. I'm addicted to the bangles as well and I'm not that big on jewelry. I've used the same simple gold hoops for the last 5 years now but I change bangles almost everyday. And I just bought a new one 10 minutes ago :p I would definitely get another one, well at least one more!!!
  3. I'm addicted to the leather books, hah...agenda covers, ulysse, etc. Seriously every time I go in there I want to buy another one!! My ulysse insert is almost completely filled up, so I'm considering buying an EXTRA ulysse! :nuts: Last time I was there I was shown a Rose Dragee Globetrotter in the softest leather ever (I should have checked for the name of it!) and I was thisclose to going ahead and just buying another globetrotter :p
  4. My H bags. All of them. I have been so for the past twelve years, I just love love love them even those that unfortunately are now a little beaten up by years of loyal services.
  5. I now have a soft spot for horn jewellery ...
  6. I think it's OK to be addicted to what you bought. It means you made a good choice and what you have is really "you".
    As to getting another one, well it depends on if it would get in the way of your other goal/s, like saving for something else.
    Me, I am addicted to my Kellys. I can't seem to stop using one everyday. Just love them all.
  7. Totally addicted to my barenia thongs.
  8. i must say the leather book, especially the version in Paris Magasin. i can spend days flipping or should i use "studying" leather types, colors from it!
  9. Yes you must get more...they are meant to be worn in multoples...( three or more)...

    I'm addicted to sticking my head in my bags...
  10. CDC hardware.
  11. I think this is positive. I mean, for the cost of would be pretty awful not to love it. Well, that's my rational anyway.
  12. I'm CRAZY about my Birkin! It's getting slouchy in just the right way and I LOVE IT!! *sigh*

    And now I have to get another blue "red berries" twilly to wrap my handles. LOVE that look!!
  13. I can quit anytime.

    I swear.........
  14. Yes, I'm fairly addicted, Hermes is never far from my mind, even a car driving by, I think of in terms of an Hermes colour, LOL. I even dream Hermes sometimes.
  15. GF- i don't believe you.