It's official...I'm A Zippy Girl! *Reveal & Comp*

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  1. I love how your mixing you empreinte with you canvas bags....
    They all look great together..
    Your reveals and comparisons are the BEST!!!
    Thank you!!
  2. So far, I'm loving the Empreinte wallets with canvas. Thank you so much! I try to show what I'd like to know, glad to hear that it was helpful. You're very welcome. :smile:
  3. Very nice!!!!
  4. Oh wow thanks for all of the great photos :wave: Love your infini with the DA and the earth with the DE and mono! Super fabulous :loveeyes:

    Have you ever considered hot stamping your wallets? I am on the fence right now...
  5. beautiful purchases, congrats!
    I love your bag/wallet combinations. I love your collection :biggrin:
  6. Stunning, and beautiful photos!
  7. Thank you! :smile:
    I thought about having my canvas Zippy wallets stamped but I'm glad now that I didn't because I sold them and replaced with these. While I have no plans to ever sell these, you just never I probably won't. It just really decreases the resell value when you personalize your pieces. It's not important to some but I'm very indecisive so it is to me. I will probably stick only having replaceable parts heatstamped.
    Thank you very much! :smile:
    Thank you! I'm trying to get better at picture taking, it's a fun hobby. :smile:
  8. Both are TDF...I love the Secret...the layout just plain works :smile:
  9. they're both pretty! love them.
  10. Beautiful collection!
  11. Thank you all! I recently found an even newer Earth Speedy for an even lower price, gotta love ebay. ;)
  12. TooManyWantMore Thank you for your feedback on the hot stamping :wave: I decided to pass on it.
  13. You're welcome! :smile: