It's official...I'm A Zippy Girl! *Reveal & Comp*

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  1. Thank you so much! :smile:
  2. They're great -enjoy! Thanks for all the photos to drool over, looks like a fun photo shoot!
  3. Thank you and you're very welcome! I love when I get a moment (excuse) to take them all out. :lol:
  4. You have a gorgeous collection! Congrats on your new zippies!
  5. WOWWW- now all your sets are complete! Love em all!!!! I'm soooo into empreinte and can't wait for the black speedy to come out- maybe I'll get a matching zippy like you. the zippy wasn't out when I got my secret long- otherwise, I would've gotten the zippy as well (not much of a price difference either, so would've been an easy choice!)
  6. Thank you so much! :smile:
    Yes, finally complete! I really love the Empreinte leather, so very happy with the pieces that I have. There are a lot of people looking forward to the black, might be a good idea to reserve the Speedy. I'd highly recommend the Zippy. The Secret long is very nice and perfect if you mostly carry cards (gives you 2 extra slots) but I always have other stuff that I like to tuck and stuff away. The compartments on the Zippy just give me more areas to put it all. Thank you!
  7. Very nice!! I'm hoping to find a preloved ombré one ;)
  8. Thanks! The Empreinte wallets are really nice. They look to be made well, feel amazing and look so pretty with a bag or carried alone. Fingers crossed that you are able to find it, I'll keep an eye out. :smile:

  9. ITA -about the zippy- definitely more areas to put everything in. I rarely use my secret long- been using 2 cles, as they fir easily into the small pocket of my purse organizer. I really am longing for the zippy even thought I don't even need that much space- it's just so gorgeous!
    Should I really reserve the speedy? I actually want the infini more than the black.... Bc I feel the black speedy would be too similar to my black sc. Sigh.. What a dilemma!! I loooooveeeee terre- have you been using the infini or the terre speedy more?
  10. Congrats on your new wallets!! LVoe the empreinte collection!!
  11. Beautiful!
  12. I don't carry too much but prefer the Zippy for the compartments. I just feel more organized with it because everything has a place and I'm quicker at the checkout. I like to just stuff my things in an area and keep moving.

    If you want the Infini, you should call the 866 number to see how many are left. The color is now discontinued so when they are gone, they're gone. The brown that I have is Earth, I do love it just as much but I've used the Infini more (only because most of my clothing matches Infini best). Either color is perfect and are great neutrals, just go with the one that will match what you wear most. If you plan to get both though, go with Infini before it's gone!
    Thank you so much! So do I, these are my favorite LV's.
    Thank you! :smile:
  13. wow im amazed at ur collection.. i love ur wallets and the Empreinte speedys are so dreamy and just beautiful..
  14. Thank you! I used the Zippy for the first time today and wow. I love this style and the leather is just lovely. Very happy with my Empreinte collection.
  15. Beautiful :biggrin::biggrin: