It's official...I'm A Zippy Girl! *Reveal & Comp*

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  1. Thank you so much! :smile:
  2. They are very lovely! Thank you for sharing!
  3. Thank you and you're very welcome! :smile:
  4. Oh so beautiful!!! They are so gorgeous and I loved the reveals of your Speedys and now they seem complete. I love how the wallets go so well with your other bags. I really like the Infini with the Azur:smile:. Congratulations, and I know you'll thoroughly enjoy them.
  5. Gorgeous wallets! Congratulations!
  6. Did you buy two emp zippy wallet? I saw two emp zippy wallets in the pictures, they both are beautiful color.
  7. wow!!! great choices, they are so versatile
  8. Congrats, Both are so pretty!
  9. Thank you! :yes: They are finally complete. The Azur canvas Zippy had me too incredibly afraid to use it because of the light fabric around the zipper. With the Emp, I don't have any worries and feel more comfortable using it. Thanks, very happy and can't wait to put them to good use. :biggrin:
    Thank you! :smile:
    Yes, I bought 2 Emp Zippy's (Infini and Earth). I already had the Secret Long in Infini but I'm replacing it with the Zippy. Thank you! :smile:
  10. Thank you! I agree, they really are. I'd love to add one more for a nice pop of color. They are so gorgeous with Emp, canvas or just carried alone.
    Thank you so much! :smile:
  11. Wow! I love your choices! Always go with what makes you the happiest. I hope to break out my zippy tomorrow too! Enjoy your new lvoes! Congrats!
  12. Beautiful, I love the mixing and matching of patterns and bags!!!!
  13. Wow! Love the wallets with your Speedys! Enjoy!
  14. Wow! I had no idea there so few left, glad you got your hands on one!!!