It's official, I'm a nut!

  1. For anyone with any doubt at all, here is my story:p!
    So a couple years ago, when the Cambon ligne was introduced, I was completely smitten and bought several from the is actually embarrassing how many...I decided that my favorite style was the large tote. I also just loved the edginess of the reporter. Well over the next couple years, the Cambon got so copied and was seen everywhere. I sold most of my Cambon bags and was left with one large tote and one reporter. Although the large tote fit my lifestyle completely and is so light weight and easy to carry, I decided to sell it because of all the fakes out there and just some sort of feeling that the Cambon was too trendy. As soon as I sold it, I missed, I bought another one. I had that for just a little while and a couple of my friends told me that the Cambon "was over", "all the little girls have fakes", etc and I submitted to the peer pressure and sold again.
    Well ladies, I am here to tell you that I have repurchased again for a third (and I hope, final) time!!:push::wtf:
    Yup, I just find it to be a perfect everday, comfortable, wearable bag! There I said it! And if people think I am a teeny bopper, I'll be thrilled!! But they better not think I'm carrying a fake! Now that is hitting below the belt!
    ax 007_1.jpg
  2. Ha Ha...3rd times the charm! Great story! You are nuts but no one can stop you from being nuts in love for that Cambon. It's okay!
    I too feel at times that there is no point to purchasing handbags that have been copied. A fake is never the real deal but at the same time it causes a sore spot in my heart to see all the young highschool girls carrying a fake that I have worked so hard to earn the real deal from a LV Boutique.
  3. You look amazing!, this is a perfect color, the fakes or should I say "trendy ones" that you see little teenagers wear are white or pinks color, my thoughts were same as yours regarding the Cambon ligne, but this color sure screams CLASSIC CHANEL! Congrats and hope you will keep this one:tup:
  4. LMBO! LOVE that!

    I love the Cambon too and I don't have one.
    It is probably Chanel's most faked item, but the fakes are pretty obvious.
  5. LOL well the first step is admitting the problem lol Congrats your your new bag!
  6. I'm no teeny bopper, and I have to tell you I LOVE my Cambon and I have it in both sizes in black (it just might feel good to be thought as one - LOL), and I do love to travel with it because it is very light weight and it holds everything, so happy you got it back, its a great bag! Congrats!:yes:
  7. Great choice you nutter!:p
    I am eyeing the exact same bag even though I do see fakes. You can tell most of the time whether a cambon is fake or real. The other day, I saw a fake cambon and instead of white Cs it was white circles!:roflmfao:
    I'm not a teeny bopper and I think the cambon is beautiful:heart:
  8. LOL! That is hysterical I tell ya! You look great w/ it no matter what anyone tells ya. Wear it to your heart's content. :yes:
  9. If you love a bag keep it. Let everyone else carry the fakes, you know that you have the real thing! BTW the same could be siad for LV, Hermes and Balenciaga they are faked as much as the Cambon if not more.
  10. thats funny how many times you have bought and sold the same bag, but if you love it, then you should have it! congrats on rekindeling your love for this bag!!!
  11. LOL Stacy, congrats again!!!
  12. so funny! well, you and i should start a club because i did the exact same thing. bought the large reporter when it first came out, returned it because i thought it was too big. bought the large tote (just like yours) and returned it because i thought it was too boring. bought the mini reporter and returned it because it was too small. but then i saw pics of kate hudson with the large tote and it worked so well with her young boho look that i bought it again and love it! i agree with swanky that the fakes are really obvious so i don't worry that mine will be confused (also they tend to be the one with white cc's, probably because people who carry the fakes want it to scream chanel). and frankly, if i refused to carry bags that weren't replicated, i'd be limited to a plastic bag!
  13. heehee.. What a cute story! I love how that at the end of the day you know what you truly love and just go for it. The cambon tote suiting you the best and making you happy - that's the most important thing! :biggrin:
  14. You wear it well girl, I have cambon and I could not care what anyone thinks I sill love mine. I wear what I like and what suits me, not what some people think is in or out.
  15. I have the same bag Rockerchic, and love it no matter what!!! =) Congrats (again)!