It's official, I'll do just about anything for my H bags...

  1. As you know, some of us have to continuously battle the problem w/ humidity, mold, etc when it comes to storing our lovely accessories. Some of us are blessed to have climate controlled closets or better yet, live in an area where such problems are non-existent. Unfortunately I don't fit in either category.

    So my current method has been those lovely silicone gel packs. Long story short, after my sweet DH recently gave up an entire closet shelf for my modest collection, I now find that I might have to upgrade my method. After finding a single white miniscule dot(probably just conditioner, via Claude), I immediately headed to the local hardware store. I wasn't taking any chances. Btw, this trip in itself completely baffled my DH. I left the house muttering "I must protect my purses."

    The staff recommended the silicone buckets for the exterior of the purses while still using the packets for the interior. When I lamented my fears over a natural disaster causing an accidental overture of the bucket and its contents all over my "babies":crybaby:, the SA's reply was "deary, if that happens, the purses are the least of your worries.." :blush:

    Thank you for listening.
  2. LOL! Now that is love!
  3. hermeslemming your devotion is awe inspiring, lol....good job!!
  4. Having just been flooded through the whole bottom of the cottage
    And my gorgeous gold ostich Kelly is Now Miss bubbly with a horrible tide mark

    I recomend always storing upstairs,
  5. ^ardneish: omg, really??? gosh, i would want to ask for pics, but i know it'll break your heart even further!!!

    Great story, hermes_lemming!!
  6. Oh, no! Second floor it is...
  7. h_l, good story. Hermes bags are an investment so you are wise to protect your purses. :smile:
  8. Great story!
  9. I love it!!