it's official...i want something in damier!

  1. i am already on waitlist for an azur speedy 25, and i am DEFINITELY buying that, but everyone here has turned me into a reg. damier fan! i don't have anything in that canvas yet, and now i want something. since i'm already buying a speedy i don't want another speedy...but what does everyone recommend as a first damier bag?
  2. my first Damier was the Papillon 30, and i love it to death. i used it for a month after i got it, even though it was summer. i have since then bought the Speedy 25 and Duomo, and i love both a lot too. the Papillon 30 would make a good bag, as it's both handheld and shoulder, and it comes with the little baby Papillon too :yes:
  3. I got my 1st Damier piece two weeks ago--a Speedy it is lovely and now I addicted next one will be a Belem, Saleya, or a Ribera....also, check out the Koala Wallet in Damier. It is a cutie!!!!
  4. If you want just a taste, don't forget the Pochette or the Mini Pochette! I'm a total monogram girl, but the two pieces I have of Damier are fun.
  5. If not a speedy - I absolutely LOVE the Damier Papillon - the 30. (comes with cute little pap too!)
  6. I am in the same boat as you. I have narrowed it down though between the Ribera MM or the Saleya MM.
  7. same...but the mini ribera is cute too! :biggrin: i love my little monogram papillon 19 to death, but i think i'll stick with a different style. i have issues with buying the same style in different colors/canvases. BUT, i would buy a vernis pomme d'amour bedford in a heartbeat :heart:
  8. my first damier bag was the speedy 25........r u looking for a handheld or a shoulder bag?
  9. Belem PM, Pap or Doumo, love them all so it's hard to choose....maybe knighsbridge because it's opening so cool.
  10. Definitely Pap! It's adorable piece, and the combination of Damier(square) and round pap make it even more interesting!
  11. i agree w/ the papillon suggestion!
  12. haha either...i don't buy according to what i NEED, i buy according to what i WANT :yahoo:
  13. u want a handheld or a shoulder bag? :graucho:
  14. the SAME thing is happening to me!!!!!!!1
    im in love with a line i almost despised!
  15. Saleya PM, or Papillon 30?