It's official: I just ordered my first B-bag

Tanja said:
After loosing sleep over the colour I just placed an order with Balenciaga Paris directly. It was impossible to find a city in cornflower so I decided to get the ink. I called almost every store in Europe to find it and finally located it in Paris!! I didn't want to go with LVR because of the bank transfer payment and the quality issues they had lately with the paddies. I just got the last ink they've got. There are plenty of lilac, camel, green and rust around. Now I just will have to go over to my friends house where they'll send the fax to, fill it out and send it back with a copy of my ID and credit card. They were so nice on the phone and being of such great help. The shipping costs aren't over charged like with LVR. They charge 20€ instead of 35€ (LVR). So I'm so excited right now. :lol: Last night I was comparing the ink with the lilac and ladies you were right it's much more versatile and fits my jeans and sneakers cloth style better and I didn't like that the leather looked so wrinkled (colour wise). I think the leather looks better on the ink. I hope that it'll arrive this week so wish me luck. I just had to share it with you! I hope I like it when I see it IRL.

Congratulations on your first b! The cornflower is it light BLUE - i thot AlohaR calls it just blue? How much are you paying for the City? Do you know if they ship to US? Thanks!
They don't have the cornflower anymore in the EU. I bought mine at Eickhoff in Germany and the city is 898 Euros and I think they ship internationally but I'm not sure if they speak English. But LVR definetly ships worldwide.