It's official. I have NO self-control whatsover. PIXX!!!!!

  1. ok so yesterday I had a couple hours to kill and i thought to myself, i'll just stop by the Chanel boutique and have a look see...

    a very nice young lady came and asked if i needed any help and i asked her if she had any of the cloudy bundle totes left. i recently acquired one and my mom has been subtly hinting that she too would like one of the glorious cloudy bundles... the store didn't have any in the tote left but they had a couple in the hobo size. i've never seen it before! what do you girls think? it's really kinda cute. the kind SA allowed me to sneak a picture cos i said it was to be a gift and i wanted to make sure.

    IN any case, she showed me the wallet in dark silver which came in that same day and OMG, it was gorgeous!!!!!:drool::drool::drool: i could NOT for the life of me set it down. and it was the LAST piece... so, i handed my amex over and here she is!!!!!

    i really need to snip my CCs into a million little pieces before i get myself into real trouble!!!

    But please enjoy!!!
    DSC01048.JPG wallet.jpg wall2.jpg wall3.jpg wall4.jpg
  2. ha ha ha!!! See what I mean. It never ends, just as you think you are done for a while something comes up, next thing you know you are handing over the CC. I don't blame you though, very nice purchases, especially the wallet, I love the color
  3. You got yourself a really gorgeous wallet. I'd do the same thing, there's no way I would be able to resist that. ;)
    Congrats, and enjoy.
  4. Stunning!!! Love the bag and the wallet is tdf!!!!! Congrats~~~
  5. that is one gorgeous wallet:drool::drool:
  6. That wallet is TDF!! Congrats!! It's so beautiful!
  7. Haha, totally understandable! That is a gorgeous wallet, congrats Jeshika!

    And I think the hobo looks very cute!
  8. BEAUTIIIIFUL!!!! i love that wallet, i'd not have been able to put it down myself if i'd seen it :lol: Congrats and enjoy all your new chanel purchases! The hobo is quite cute, BUT i have to say i prefer the tote style.
  9. I was so tempted to buy this wallet when I saw it at the Rodeo Drive boutique on Thursday. But I spent $$$ on the LV Eugenie wallet just a few months ago, so I couldn't do it. :sad:

    It's beautiful! Great purchase! Enjoy it and don't feel too guilty! :p

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  10. Wow those are fab!
  11. Beautiful wallet! But i just bought a classic caviar wallet not long ago or I would love to buy one too:heart:
  12. That's a nice wallet, congrats!
  13. Now that is a fab wallet and worth the cc guilt for sure!

    Congrats, enjoy her and put the guilt to the back of your mind! You can been good next month instead! hee hee
  14. Wowwww I LOVE LOVE LOVE that wallet! Dun feel bad, I don't think I would have been able to resist it myself heheee...:tup:
  15. Gorgeous wallet, congrats!