It's Official! I Am Now Under The Influence Of The PF Gang ....

  1. I think I've been hypnotized .....

    I returned some Clinique Mascara at Sephora - It had a dual brush comb applicator and It clumped.

    I exchanged it for DIORSHOW.

    I also bought some mint Rosebud Salve.

    Then I stopped at CVS for a few things. Some Loreal Volume Perfect Lipsticks were 75% off along with some Physcian's Formula glosses, eyeliners, eyeshadows. I bought a bag full most items were around $2.00

    I hate to buy expensive lipsticks anymore because I LOSE THEM.

    Many products are on sale 50-75% off.
  2. I was thinking about buying that Clinique mascara. I don't want it if it clumps! How do you like your DIORSHOW?
  3. Love Diorshow but I love the Chanel mascara even more.
  4. I love Diorshow too.

    And this forum has inspired me to buy a ton of products I'd never even heard of before :p
  5. I've heard that the Diorshow mascara really pumps up the volume and makes lashes look fantastic! I bought it for my sis who is very particular with mascara, and she said that it's great!
  6. Its my FAV!!! Love it!
  7. Love is great. Full clumps!

  8. Isn't that the truth! I had never heard of Sephora before this forum. Now all my makeup purchases are from We are definitely lacking in good brands where I live.
  9. Love Diorshow but there is another great one now Max factor Masterpiece, definitely worth a try, gives great volume