It's official, I am now in love with Damier!!!

  1. LOL, why you hiding behind that blue couch? Damier is beautiful, isn't it? I've also fallen in love.
  2. I love love love Damier too! Now I can just enable you more! :nuts:
  3. The Hampstead GM is gorgeous!!
  4. Me too. Hated it at first, now i like it ALOT!
  5. Too many bags!!!

    I know, I can't believe I am saying it :wtf: ...but it's true...I can't believe I just cleaned a bunch out, I am over flowing again!
  6. PPssstttt neverful coming in Damier later in the year it's a big bag!!

    And the Papillon is beautiful in Damier ooo don't forget about Berkley AKA Sporty
  7. Both are so very nice :smile: congrat's.

  8. LOL, that's it, just push my buttons Claire...big bags, :sweatdrop: [​IMG]
  9. ooo im REALLY eyeing up a Damier Pap atm i want it sooooo badly but am worried i will just crush it under my arm. Are they very sturdy???
  10. :graucho: :devil:

  11. I've got the 26 and that doesn't really fit over your shoulder a 30 will but I prefer the pap as a handheld.
  12. They're both so gorgeous. I love your Hampstead.
  13. Congrats on the Hampstead, it's amazing!
  14. Thanks, I actually got on release day, but I am just now finally using it.