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  1. I bought a Speedy 35!! I was soooo nervous buying it!!! I thought I was committing a crime for spending so much (for me) My husband was giving me the dirty look after I told him how much it was. He asked the SA for a discount. He ALWAYS makes rude comments when we go to LV and Dior when we are getting my wish list together. Oh well, he enjoys it. But it took a while for someone to help me so I was wondering around and this tall SA finally asked me of I needed help. I compared the speedy 30 to the 35 and the 30 was so small. I was just so excited to buy one. I am just in LOVE with it!!!
    I have been buying Dooney and Bourkes and COach like crazy. I bought 4 dooney bags last week- so 2 1/2 Dooneys= 1 LV.
    Oh, I bought from the South Coast Plaza, and sorry MAtt I forgot to ask for you !!! BUt I will be there again next month. I NEED the DAmier Speedy and the popincourt.
    Who else do I get to enjoy my first LV buying experience with? SO happy I could do it here!!
    Thank you!!
  2. congrats! best feeling ever!

    now you gotta post pictures! :smile:
  3. Congrats Monica!!!!:yahoo:
  4. congrats!!! i have the speedy 25 and on sunday i got a speedy 30 since i have the damier in 30...i also got a strap for the heck of was only 140.00...the 30 i love love's so perfect for me. you'll enjoy your speedy for years to come...
  5. congrats and welcome to the club!
  6. Congrats Monica!

    I love the 35 size for The Speedy!

    It still looks like a purse which is awesome!

    WHY SOUTHCOAST? haha, its okay - I hope most of you members here at least come say hi at the store when I'm working on the weekends!

    I think its funny when people ask me for a discount, but I don't get insulted - but if they ask me, and they are totally serious... yeah I get a little weirded out.

    Anyhow! Congrats on your Speedy 35!

    Don't forget if you change your mind, you have 14-days to return and 30-days to exchange and must be in perfect condition. :smile:
  7. I thought you worked at South Coast?! oh well, we will try to stop by and say hi when I buy my next bag! Yeah right like I would return this bag that I am so deeply in love with?! crazy talk........
  8. Oh no... haha, I work at the LV inside of Neiman Marcus - Fashion Island. I hope your service was good too btw at LV-SCP.

    For sure come say hi on your next purchase, I tend to work weekends actually.

    I'm SO glad you love that bag and size! It is a beauty!

    I remember this one lady, I told her our policy... she's like "ARE YOU KIDDING ME, YOU NEVER RETURN A LV AND I LOVE THIS BAG..." I'm like oh ****, I think I pissed her off... but anyhow!

    I'M GLAD you love it!
  9. oh and my little 4 year old boy decided to spray me AND my bag with a hose while we were at an open house on the beach. BTW did you know what 3.5 million will get you in Newport? a little freakin shack. It was a beachfront home and it was a tiny 2 bedroom with 1 bath. Old brown appliances from the 70's. It was the most hideuos thing I have ever seen in my life!
  10. AHHH, no way? Aww, hope your bag is okay!

    I'LL TAKE THE LITTLE SHACK! HAHA... I am single, sooo yeah it would work out for me. Yeah I can't imagine what those large houses cost out there...

    I'd love to live in that gated area right across the street from Fashion Island... haha, I could go home on my lunch - hell I could walk too!
  11. Congrats on your new Speedy! :yahoo: I'd love to see pics! LOL on your hubby asking for a discount!:P
  12. Congratulations monicamacatubal on your purchase! I hope nothing's happened to your bag after your son sprayed it with water?
  13. Congrats. I just purchased my 1st LV a few weeks ago too, its a Speedy 35 as well. 30 is kinda small, we think the same on that one. I'm still in cloud 9. I'm sure you are too. I also got myself a Panda Cles, last one in Singapore (methinks :lol: )
  14. :wlae: congrats on joining the SPEEDY club!!! whoo hoo!!! yeah!!!
  15. congrats~~~
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